Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jack's first Pinewood Derby

Ben's new work Rally Software had a family pinewood derby event last weekend. Jack was thrilled. Even though making the derby car was somewhat last minute he thought it was wonderful. I had to finish the car for him while he was at pre-school and was worried at his response.

Coming out of pre-school he could barley wait. "Mom can I see my car? please, please?" After getting buckled in I handed him the car and eagerly waited his response.


"mom... This is .... GREAT!" this was followed by lots of "this is the best car ever" and "I love my car so much!"

The car was somewhat primitive compared to others but it was Jack's car and he loved it. In the practice runs his car was not so great but it managed to win it race. Who would have thought?!

After racing we played ping pong. Ben's work is so cool, at least Jack thinks so...

Lucas Kept trying to escape but he had his name tag on so I always found him

I wanted a family picture so I made everyone place their head on the ping pong table, pressed the timer and smile. As this happens the founder of the company walks by and see this;

poor Ben.

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Lesley-Ann said...

What great photos Jess especially the head(s) shot! And who doesn't like your photos????

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