Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doggy date

My family came to visit...wait THREE weeks ago? Wow, time did fly. They came to my beautiful home which was in full construction zone. AWESOME host I am! Anyway one of the days we headed the long way (thanks to mum's GPS) to Chatfield State Park here in Denver so our dogs could have a date. They have a large off leash area for the dogs. Reagan, our energetic and rather loopy dog was in doggy heaven.

I put her dog SHOCK collar on (don't worry I don't abuse it, promise) so she ran all over the place sniffing and bouncing through the long grass. This caused Jack to FREAK out. He was in a perpetual state of fear that we would loose our dog. Jack would call for Reagan in a high pitched happy voice she would bound by and then he would start crying and screaming as ran into another field.

Finally, I was able to help Jack relax by letting him play in the pond. Lucas was thrilled the idea of getting wet and muddy so finally we had TWO happy boys and TWO happy dogs.

the pond

the dirty child

I think my mother was horrified by how dirty I let my baby get, really I don't think he got very dirty at all.

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