Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ugliest Dog ever

Peanut (the dog not the thing you eat), brings a whole meaning to the word ugly. He is so ugly being toothless and having his hanging tongue dangling out the left side of his mouth that when you look at him you can't help but laugh. Cruel I know. Decide for yourself.

Lucas felt sorry for Peanuts ugliness that he tried to imitate his look

I had the privilege to hanging out with peanut the other day along with his owner who I happen to think is fantastic plus my other stellar new friend and her kiddos. It was a great time until Jack kicked Beagle in the face (Beagle the Dog not the food) and screamed at Brittney. That moment was swiftly followed by me scooping a screaming child AKA Jack up by his pants. Mother of the year award coming right to me:)

Soon all the drama ended and life returned to happiness thanks to the local squirrel that was the target of the kids hunt. Got to love squirrels.

These kids are too cute!



mama boss said...

Oh gosh! Those pictures of Peanut, and especially of Peanut and Lucas, crack me up! And those kiddos down at the bottom...they sure are cute...their mom is pretty, too... ;)

Jessica said...

Their mom is super pretty, stunning I would say!

Brittney said...

I am so PROUD to have my dog FEATURED on the blog of a professional photographer! What an honor for Peanut! :)

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