Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Sunday morning photo

I believe in being in photos just as much as taking them. For the first year of Jack life I was always the one behind the camera (which is still the case beacsue I LOVE it) but it was a rare occasion I had a decent photo of me with my baby. I decided that was going to change some time ago. Each month I try to take at least one good photo of myself and my boys.

Sundays I always look decent and is perhaps the only day during the week that that happens. So when the other Sunday we were doing our routine and had a few moments to spare I wipped the camera out and got the settings to place I like them, set it up and put the timer on. Before long we had a great photo, say 5 seconds. If you don't have many photos of you with your kids start jumping in front of the camera document that you exist too.



Kimberly Presbury said...

Very true! I was looking for some photos of myself in years past and could hardly find any (was looking for past haircuts as I went to get it cut today).

These are very cute photos and that dress looks absolutely STUNNING on you! Perfect style, perfect colors... Super cute!

Aunt Chell said...

Those are ADORABLE Jessica. You look beautiful and just darling of the boys

Kristina said...

You look so pretty! Love that funky dress. And the boys are so cute.

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