Friday, August 26, 2011

A Real Bike

Lately, my friend and I have had some luck with finding treasures in the dumpster (she found then and I got to partake in the wonders)...You might think that is so gross and judge me but I don't care because I look awesome in my dumpster clothes and Jack now has a REAL bike all for FREE.

Talking about Jack and his bike. We brought training wheels, a helmet and pads. He was so excited to start ridding his bike, round and around he went in circles all bundled up in protective safety gear. It was a sight!

A week later he is still excited but after a bike ride to the park in ridiculous heat he has decided that he is not good at riding his bike and cried/screamed most of the way home. It is funny how kids assume that everything should be easy. He kept saying, no crying "I am just having a rough day!"


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