Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Weight

145 Pounds

Maybe that makes you happy because you weigh less or maybe you feel sad because you are heavier. Isn't it silly how knowing a number can change your perspective, your mood and your level of happiness.
I only share this because I don't understand why as women we are so weird about telling people our weight, unless we are under 120 pounds its top secret. Really. Why do we put so much emphasis on what the scale tells us. If that scale tells us a lower number suddenly we feel awesome even though we look exactly the same as the moment before we stood on the scales.

I personally think that people who really look good have several things going for them:
They are confident in their skin regardless or their shape or size or weight, they are active and healthy and allow their happiness to stem from real things not numbers on a scale or their pant size. I don't think it has anything to do with the number on a scale!

I urge you to embrace your body whether you have no butt or a huge one, whether you have saggy breasts, whether you are missing a limb, whether you are short or super tall, whether you have acne or floppy hair, whether you have a tummy that is bigger than you would like...Embrace it and embrace the life that surrounds you.
Live without hours spent agonizing over how you wish body looked like it did before you had children, how you wish you could afford a tummy tuck, or how you wish you could just look like you sister-in-law because she always looks perfect.

Develop a healthy relationship with your body. Life is too short to let the scales dictate your life. If you want to loose weight or tone up then do it but don't do it because you want to see a certain number on the scales or look like someone else but do it because you want to feel healthier.

Anyway, that's my two cents on weight loss.


mama boss said...

I've never had am issue with telling people my weight, but there was definitely a time when I was embarrassed that the number on the scale wasn't lower.
Happily, I've come to realize that the number on the scale doesn't indicate much. You could be 120 and have a muffin top and jiggly arms, you could be 159 with a flat tummy and toned arms and legs. The number is just a number.
Right now I'm about 160 (but it's been some time since I got on a scale, so that could be wrong..) I'm squishy and jiggly, and I don't really like that. But I also don't do anything to change that, so it is my own fault and I deal with it. I would like to become more active, not to change the number, but to change how I feel, physically. To have more energy and not lose my breath walking across the panning lot and up the stairs at church... (true story... :/ sigh..)
Anyway, good post. :)

Michelle said...

That's one reason I don't have a scale. What's the point, it's just a number. People say well yea your skinny of course you don't care. Skinny doesn't equal fit and healthy or even firm. Now that I have been working out I feel so much better and more confident even though I doubt my weight is much lower. Being fit and healthy makes me confident. Mark and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night. Great documentary on why keeping ourselves healthy is so important.

Harrison and Christine said...

So great, Jessica! Thank you!

Harrison and Christine said...

So great, Jessica! Thank you!

Barbara Bee said...

Here I am snooping about the internet. Enjoyed your comments hear. I am going to watch that movie, Fat, Sic and Nearly Dead. Sounds good. I was working out great, but then I got involved doing painting and home projects. Tomorrow, I'm back on it though. It just feels sooo good:)

Nola said...

Oh Jess, you are wonderful! I am finally back in shape and feel fabulous. The number on the scale still says I am "unhealthy", but that is funny because I feel super healthy! Anyway, I am embarking on a journey to stay healthy while still faced with an all you can eat buffet 10 times a week and a job that cuts into my exercise. I will do my best and in 2-3 years when I leave my job I will hit the ground running. I also like the reminder to embrace every part of me. My acne has flared up really bad and it is silly to say I feel alone in this teenager, turned 30-something battle. I know my face doesn't define me and most of the time I live my life that way. Thanks for the reminder to try harder to be a healthy, happy, confident me!

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