Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Time To Shine

Since March myself and two awesome individuals have been planning a music and dance workshop. The workshop officially began late June and finished with our final performance last Saturday.

I can not believe we did it and I can not believe its over.

There were many times I thought "how are we going to make it happen?" But low and behold all our hard work paid off.

This was our mission:
We are committed to teaching wholesome musical theater while providing opportunities that will build character and develop confidence. Musical theatre has the ability to bring joy to those performing and those watching, our summer workshop is no exception, it will exceed your expectations!

These are some thing that will stay with me

Starting every Wednesday pretending I was Rapunzel with all my tiny friends combing our colorful hair

Trying to control my laughter when Jack and others yelled their Marry Poppins song

Watching kids explode with energy during their warm ups

The laughter from "Join The Circus" I will never be able to listen to that song without hearing laughter in my head

How I brought a new meaning to the phrase "fake it till you make it"

The word "Clumpidge," I really broadened their vocabulary don't you think?

My energy: teaching kids makes some sort of chemical reaction take place within me and I fill up with so much energy I bounce off the walls...literally.

Watching the Flash kids sing Food with their arms stretched and eyes closed with anticipation

How I arrived at the wrong performance venue and the lady who helped me asked if I knew how was in charge and I said "I am one of them!" HA, I can now laugh about this but initially I cried A Lot!

How wonderful we looked in our shirts, even if some of them were too big

How insanely excited the kids were right before our last show

How our show was an
immense success

How I was so proud of all our kids

How the kids sang and smiled and danced so

Watching our kids gain confidence in who they are

I think this experience has made my heart grow a little bigger

I will be honest it was not easy and I did stress over this whole process but it was totally worth it. This was an experience I would have regretted not having. My Time To Shine was a great experience and its future potential is sky reaching. More than anything the connections I made with the people I worked with and the Kids I taught have enriched my life in so many ways.

Our classes





All in all we had 84 kids! For our first year I would say that was awesome!

The three of us

Some of my favorites from class


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