Monday, August 15, 2011

Mini miracle

A couple of weeks ago a miracle occurred and I forgot to share it...

I had had a rough couple of days and it keep feeling like everything was going wrong; I was feeling pretty pitiful and pathetic. Anyhow, I couldn't find a credit card. I had looked everywhere it should have been and started to feel constricted by the anxiety that was cruising through my veins. I kept looking in the same place over and over again. I think I emptied my wallet 10 times at least.

I threw my wallet on the floor and sat and cried. Really, why did I have to be SO forgetful and clumsy, I thought. I then decided that this was utterly pathetic and decided to call for help. I prayed. Yes, I prayed, perhaps that might seem weird to some of you but I know God is out there and I needed some help from an all powerful being, so I prayed. My prayer was rather pathetic and sounded more like begging for grace more than anything else.

Well, after I finished my prayer I knew I just needed to look in my wallet and it would be there. I opened up my wallet that I had emptied over 10 times and there was my credit card looking at me.

It was a miracle no question. I was thankful that God had mercy on me that day. God lives and loves me even if I am forgetful and clumsy. He loves you too. If you don't pray I highly recommend it.

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Season and Isabella said...

Love it, thanks for sharing.

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