Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jack's letters

Most mornings when I put Lucas down for his morning nap and take a shower Jack works on his Letters. He has been really serious about this.
He gets out the old coach cushion that is covered in dogs hair, lines his pens up and sets to work. I Love his handwriting.
I love that he knows all his letters and loves to write them.

The other day coming back from walmart Jack said "Oh I did my zipper up...You know in Russia they call zippers Penis Pockets but you can't call them that at Miss Patti's (Pre-School)." This was all news to me...I am guessing that he has used this term at Pre-school and was told to call it a zipper. Who knew my child was so knowledgeable about Russian terms?

Also, Jack told me that he is going to have a horse when he gets older;

Jack:I am going to have a horse when I am big
Me: Oh how are you going to get a horse
Jack: Well, I will just go and have a nice long chat with a horseman and he will give me one
Me: Well wont you need money
Jack: Well, yeah I have a bunch of quarters in my piggy bank!

*he has 5 quaters



mama boss said...

Oh, I just love Jack, and his letters, and his knowledge of Russian terms, and how sure he is that his quarters will buy him a horse!
By the way, Ellie said to me at lunch today "Jack is my favorite boy." They're still talking about your visit on Wednesday, and our picnic at the park. We really like you guys. :)

Jessica said...

Oh I will tell him that he is Ellie's favorite boy! That will make him smile. Our feelings are mutual, you guys rock!

My name is Lexi said...

Totally busted up laughing! Thanks for the language lesson!

Jessica said...

You are welcome Lexi! Jack is full of knowledge huh?

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