Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear Jack

You are four...four years old! Really, how did that happen? It is like yesterday that I found out that I was pregnant with you and cried because I was terrified, unprepared and terrified more, but look how far we have come. I just can not imagine my life without you in it.

You are quite a unique young man. You have the funniest laugh and when you are truly excited or shocked you always crinkle your nose and show all you teeth. You still suck your thumb and when I ask you to stop your reply is either "I will tomorrow" or "I have tried but I just love it too much!"

You are getting great at writing even today you were writing Jack on post it notes and sticking them all over your room. You are an excellent singer or should I say shouter? When you really embrace a song you enter a stage of loud yelling/shouting done with your scrunched up nose; it's obnoxious and cute at the same time.

You are really in to quarters. It is quite a bizarre obsession as most boys you age like Cars or trains but you collect quarters and them spread them all over the house, have a melt down because you can't find them and then find them and remain happy until the cycle repeats. You also love to build hot wheels tracks, collect the mail, hide in couches, chase our dog, shoot our dog with Nerf gun bullets, play with batteries (another weird obsession), make cookies, draw on pavement and playing baseball.

The other day you asked me what we were having for dinner I told you lasagna and you replied "we can't have that lasagna goes on the wall!" I had no idea. All this time I have been eating lasagna... who would have thought?

You are insanely stubborn! You put up a powerful argument and can be very vocal about voicing your opinion. You can scream extremely loud and when I have upset you you often say "this is the worst day ever." But you are quick to forgive, make friends insanely fast, helpful and tell me often that you love me.

Right now when we see people you don't know you tell them two things:
I am four AND my dad has a new job in boulder
I think that's very thoughtful...

You are my Jack Attack I love you with all my heart! I agonize over how I can better show my love for you, teach you, discipline you and be there for you.

Your number one fan,



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Gwen said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!! I miss you!

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