Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Close that door.

Lately I have found that I need to simplify my life. This is the never ending road I keep happening to cross; simplicity. I am an over achiever at filling my life with things that are not necessary. I love the quote "Mothers who know do less" I guess I don't know too much because it always seems like I am doing anything but less.

Anyway, back to my goal to simplicity. I have realized there are certain things, habits, blogs, places and people that are cluttering my life and I have decided to close some doors. These things, habits, blogs, places and people are not necessary bad they just are not helping me be the best me. In many instances they are good but they just don't bring the good out in me rather they have a negetive effect on me. Perhaps, they distract me, perhaps they make me feel competitive or hopeless, perhaps they irritate me or get me all moody or judgmental.

I have closed doors on them.

No one needs to know exactly what they are but me. This has been a highly productive tool to close doors on certain elements in my life, I have felt less competitive with people (you know trying to be the best mother and all that junk), less down in the dumps feeling sorry for myself because I don't have this and that and I have had more focus on MY life achieving MY goals.
So, look at your life, what doors need to closed in your life. Is there a person who every time you are around they they make you feel worthless, or that blog that every time you read it you feel blah or that hobby that consumes you to the point that you don't even want to be doing the things you should be doing? Close the door. It is easy. Stop associating with that person, stop visiting that blog, choose a different hobby to embrace. Close the door.
Closing the door on certain things in my life has really helped me focus, find clearer direction and enjoy what I am doing.



Michele.Sobek@octanner.com said...

Truer words could not have been spoken. I need to to do what you are doing and will do so. I think life would be happier and healthier if we all take heed to this advice. Thank you!!!!

Fowie said...

Ahh crap. You mean I can't be yours and Ben's friend anymore? Dang it. I promise I'll be more optimistic!

In all seriousness though, good post. It's a good point we should all take to heart.

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