Friday, August 12, 2011

Bear O' Lair

Me and Elaine backed her car FULL of stuff squeezed everything and everyone in and headed for a lunch up in the mountains.

To begin with there was a lot of crying coming from Ella, the little drama queen. You see walking made her back hurt so life was tragic. Once we had pushed our strollers full of stuff and children to our spot. The kids played in the water and looked for fish but apparently the fish were scared of the sun and in hiding. We tried to send them down on a little floaty we brought but they were too heavy and just toppled over. It was hilarious! They were terrified, we were entertained.

Lucas stuffed his face full of bear graham crackers, I would look over at him and yet again his hand would be stuffed in a box of crackers while munching on a mouth full of crackers. The motto for Lucas' life is pretty much FOOD = LOVE.

Lucas and Myla poked at each other and stuck whatever was in arms reach in their mouths, the boys played in the water while Ella needed to poo; that was awkward and I was really glad I was not her mother when she announced that she had to poo NOW. Poor Elaine.

Before we knew it the kids were all done with the water and ready to roast hot dog and Smores. Packed everything up again and headed to our next spot. At our next spot we had some major white trash moments that I am too embarrassed to share but Elaine knows what I mean when I say we left our mark where ever we went that day.

There was a tree and the kids had to climb it until they got scared and had to come down, this repeated several times. Our smores were to die for Elaine and I ate one each and our kids left overs. Poor Ethan tried to pick up a coal; BAD IDEA! That was tragic, burnt fingers. We jimmy rigged a bag full of ice and tied it to him.

Finally, we pushed our enormous strollers while carrying stuff, children and pulling a cooler. And then of course they had to cry in the car. I would say it was a success.

Here are a few shots Elaine took of me: THANKS



Gwen said...

Boys will be boys :-)

Benjamin said...

Lair of the Bear, for corrections sake.

Jessica said...

HA!!! It is actually lair O' the bear but you were closer

Aunt Chell said...

Well, you must have GREAT muscle tone then Jessica because there is not an ounce of fat on you and you look GREAT!!!!!

Jessica said...

Aunt chell your so sweet but the truth is my friend is a great photographer and certain angles with help you look really good.

Nola said...

I have to laugh b/c we spent many evenings in nature this summer and my kids are pros at going potty in the weeds. Sometimes that lead to awkward situations, but mostly I just wished they would do their business at home better. Glad you had a great day!

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