Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 First day of Pre-K

Oh how cute this kid who I often call Jack Attack?

Last week it was back to pre-school for him. This year he is attending 3 days a week for 2.5 hours a time. He has the best teacher ever, her name is The Amazing Miss Patti (I added the Amazing part because uh she is). Jack loves her and so does every other child that has ever been taught by her. I am so thrilled that we decided to put Jack into Pre-school last year and this year, it has really been a wonderful experience for him.

Today Jack was sharing some nuggets of wisdom as we drove to Boulder help Ben (he had lost his motorbike key...Most amazing wife right here) but that is another story.

Back to Jack.

In the car he was telling me that when mountains shake they throw wild animals off and it can be very dangerous - I have never ever witnessed this but maybe its true.

Also, he is convinced that even though windmills and called WINDmills they are powered by enormous batteries the size of people - don't know about that.

Oh and alcohol is bad for you, it makes your body dirty and that one I totally agree with!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy With My Camera

Last week I had two photo shoots, it was great fun. As you have seen I am always taking photos of my children; I am a little obsessed with them if you hadn't noticed but photo shoots are always challenging and exciting in different ways. Click here to check out the cute kids I got to photograph; one was floppy and the other one on the move.

I am no expert at photography, quite the opposite but I do believe that good photos are a result of understanding two main aspects: how to manually use your camera to suit the environment and how to utilize light. Obviously, I totally droll over super fancy cameras but you don't need a camera that will bust your budget to take a great photo. Really, you need to read your camera's manual back to front, inside out and upside down;) time to practice and a desire to learn.

These two photos were taken the other day while I was nervously perched very close to a praying mantis. They are freaky little insects and the entire time I was nervous that it would propel itself forward into my hair. Luckily it did not move.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

I am a Mormon!

If you didn't know already, I am a Mormon or better said I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. Check out my profile on Here and many other peoples:)

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soap Adventures...

What I am going to share with you may dramatically change your perspective of me and my parenting tactics.

Jack can be similar to a ball of fire and has a tendency to get very angry and be disrespectful. Now it seems that every family has WORDS that are bad words and to make it more complicated every families bad word are different; talk about a challenge for the kids. Anyway, words that are not encouraged in our home that have faced some challenges from Jack are stupid, hate (as in I hate you), butt face or butt anything for that matter. Jack knows very well that these words are not acceptable within our home but will use them when he is mad at us. Just to spite us. We had encountered several instances where much screaming and yelling of these words were heard so I told Jack that sometimes if a person cannot learn to use good and clean words then they may need to have their mouth washed out with soap. I had decided that if a similar situation occurred Soap would be used.

Now, your thinking "really, you washed his mouth out with soap?"
YES. There was another instance and it seemed like the best option to teach him that using those words in a disrespectful manner: "I hate you stupid butt face!" Is so not OK. Are you horrified? I don't mind if you are. I don't regret it at all, yes I felt bad but he hasn't said the words since in a disrespectful manner and if one of them slips he apologizes.

Now Lucas who is so opposite to Jack and doesn't speak also eat soap but not because he was naughty but because he was intrigued.

The other day I left Lucas for maybe 2 minutes and he had found himself to the bathroom, climbed into the tub and covered himself with bar soap. There was soap in his hair, eyes, mouth and hands. After cleaning the soap off, Jack told him that you only put soap in your mouth if you say bad words! Ha! Lucas was foaming bubbles most of the day.

My boys


Friday, August 26, 2011

A Real Bike

Lately, my friend and I have had some luck with finding treasures in the dumpster (she found then and I got to partake in the wonders)...You might think that is so gross and judge me but I don't care because I look awesome in my dumpster clothes and Jack now has a REAL bike all for FREE.

Talking about Jack and his bike. We brought training wheels, a helmet and pads. He was so excited to start ridding his bike, round and around he went in circles all bundled up in protective safety gear. It was a sight!

A week later he is still excited but after a bike ride to the park in ridiculous heat he has decided that he is not good at riding his bike and cried/screamed most of the way home. It is funny how kids assume that everything should be easy. He kept saying, no crying "I am just having a rough day!"


Thursday, August 25, 2011

World Photography day

Last week World Photography day occurred and in celebration Jack and I had a photography lesson. We looked in our yard for beauty and took photos. I was SO impressed with one of Jacks pictures; seriously impressed.

It brings me great joy when Jack recognizes beauty. The other day he was calling me all excited and so I came to see what was thrilling him so much. "What?" I asked "the bush has flowers on it, they are so beautiful!" I was thrilled that he thought that was beautiful and wanted to share it with me.


Pretty impressive huh?

Here are my PHOTOS to Celebrate World Photography day!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Mum!

Happy Birthday mum! There are a couple things I would like to say to you today that I hope will brighten you day of aging.

You are a wonderful lady! You always say how you don't have any talents but just because you don't scrapbook, quilt or play a musical instrument does not mean you have no talents. Here are just a few of your amazing talents;

You are an instant friend; literally. You LOVE friends, you remember people from forever ago and the weirdest details and are great at connecting with people. As I grew up you were a wonderful friend to me as a child and a teenager and now as an adult I still consider you one of my best friends.

You are an impeccable organizer. As a kid this would drive me CRAZY but as an adult I really wish I had that skill.

You care and focus on details. Little things matter, like ironing bed sheets and sending birthday cards so they arrive on time and making my favorite meals when I come to visit. Another trait I happened to miss out on (although I shall never desire to iron bed sheets EVER).

You are always there for me and so many other people. I know that if I needed you you would be here. I have always felt that I was a high priority in your life.

You can TALK about anything for a long period of time. If talking was a sport you would do well in the Olympics. Enough said.

I love your Christmas cake and hope you can teach me so that I can carry on that tradition in my family even if I am the only one who will eats it.

You pluck eyebrows in a wonderful manner; I love it when you do mine:)

You are an excellent complainer. If a company has wronged you nothing will stand in your way, you will always end up with an amazing deal and what you want.

You are persistent. If it wasn't your persistent personality I may never have got to do the many things that have brought me great joy a few to mention attend BYU and live in Island Park.

You laugh like a witch; it is a talent I am positive!

I love you mum and hope your birthday is filled with all things glorious.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Close that door.

Lately I have found that I need to simplify my life. This is the never ending road I keep happening to cross; simplicity. I am an over achiever at filling my life with things that are not necessary. I love the quote "Mothers who know do less" I guess I don't know too much because it always seems like I am doing anything but less.

Anyway, back to my goal to simplicity. I have realized there are certain things, habits, blogs, places and people that are cluttering my life and I have decided to close some doors. These things, habits, blogs, places and people are not necessary bad they just are not helping me be the best me. In many instances they are good but they just don't bring the good out in me rather they have a negetive effect on me. Perhaps, they distract me, perhaps they make me feel competitive or hopeless, perhaps they irritate me or get me all moody or judgmental.

I have closed doors on them.

No one needs to know exactly what they are but me. This has been a highly productive tool to close doors on certain elements in my life, I have felt less competitive with people (you know trying to be the best mother and all that junk), less down in the dumps feeling sorry for myself because I don't have this and that and I have had more focus on MY life achieving MY goals.
So, look at your life, what doors need to closed in your life. Is there a person who every time you are around they they make you feel worthless, or that blog that every time you read it you feel blah or that hobby that consumes you to the point that you don't even want to be doing the things you should be doing? Close the door. It is easy. Stop associating with that person, stop visiting that blog, choose a different hobby to embrace. Close the door.
Closing the door on certain things in my life has really helped me focus, find clearer direction and enjoy what I am doing.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Loss of life had me thinking back...

*Since I wrote this post Ben's Great Uncle past away quite tragically, here is a link to what happened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our extended family at this time.

I visited a funeral last week and while I was sitting there my mind began to wander ...I realized that I have not been to many funerals. I guess I am lucky. After the funeral I went home and poured over my journal from when I was 12 years old and read my experience from my first death; my Grandfather. A great man who loved to laugh and be a friend to everyone.

**Straight from my journal Monday 9th June 1997
Today, I went to school. At the end of school we went to pick up Bethany from play school. When we got home dad went to Grandma's so Janet looked after us. We got a new hen, her name is Abigael. We played with her a lot. Then about 4.40 Grannie and Grancha came to look after us. Grannie made us some dinner and then Aaron came home. We played ball against the wall. Then my dinner was ready. When I came in for dinner mum and dad came in. Mum had been crying, I asked her "what's wrong?" she said that earlier Grandad had died. I started to cry. They explained that everyone dies and it was Granddad's time to go. Dad gave me a Fathers' blessing to help me understand and cope better. I know this is going to be hard for us but I will pray for mum, Auntie Julie, Auntie Katie, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Matt because its especially hard for them.

Grandad I will always remember those special times we spent together, I love you so much.

Tuesday 10th may 1997
At Grandma's lots of tears were shed but that was the best thing for us...Through this day I have realized that Grandad now has gone back to live with Heavenly Father. Grandad is no longer in pain he is perfect in spirit and he and Auntie Emily are in heaven together and some day we will go and meet them. We have to look after each other. I love you Grandad.

I feel so blessed to have these thoughts written down, what treasures. Thank you Dad for keeping these and for always encouraging me to write in my journal what a blessing that habit is.

I love my pure faith as a child. It seems as we become adults we clutter our faith with unnecessary questions and uncertainties.

As a 26 year old I still have the same basic beliefs; death is just a stage of a greater plan, a plan of happiness that was set out by an almighty God. I hope I can continue to live with optimism and joy so that when the storms come my way I will be able to stand on my foundation of beliefs and rise above them.

It is unfortunate that it takes the loss of life to remember to appreciate life.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I love Sushi and so much more...

Sushi is wonderful and delicious! I could eat it every day:)

I also love my kids, because they have my DNA (sometimes good, sometimes bad) and regardless of what they do I still have a heart that yearns for them.

Lucas and Reagan both LOVE bottles, Lucas likes to drink from them, Reagan likes to eat the bottle empty

Reagan also LOVES to run, very fast

Lucas likes to cheer Reagan on

and also he thinks he is a dog 50% of the time

Lucas enjoys wearing his food

and loves his Binky (dummie) and blanket

He also has really taken to reading books; which I love.

and Jack, well need I say any more:


Friday, August 19, 2011

How much TV do you watch?

"In the 1950's in the United States, the average child watched little or no TV, and what he saw in television was stable, two-parent families who generally interacted with respect. Today, the average child watches seven hours of television per day. By the the end of grade school he's seen over eight thousand murders and one hundred acts of violence. During this time he's spent an average of five minutes a day with his father and twenty minutes with his mother, and most of that was spent eating or watching TV!" - Steven R Covey

What do you think?

How do you monitor your child's and your own TV/movie time?

And just because here are two photos taken by Jack Attack!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jack's letters

Most mornings when I put Lucas down for his morning nap and take a shower Jack works on his Letters. He has been really serious about this.
He gets out the old coach cushion that is covered in dogs hair, lines his pens up and sets to work. I Love his handwriting.
I love that he knows all his letters and loves to write them.

The other day coming back from walmart Jack said "Oh I did my zipper up...You know in Russia they call zippers Penis Pockets but you can't call them that at Miss Patti's (Pre-School)." This was all news to me...I am guessing that he has used this term at Pre-school and was told to call it a zipper. Who knew my child was so knowledgeable about Russian terms?

Also, Jack told me that he is going to have a horse when he gets older;

Jack:I am going to have a horse when I am big
Me: Oh how are you going to get a horse
Jack: Well, I will just go and have a nice long chat with a horseman and he will give me one
Me: Well wont you need money
Jack: Well, yeah I have a bunch of quarters in my piggy bank!

*he has 5 quaters


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ugliest Dog ever

Peanut (the dog not the thing you eat), brings a whole meaning to the word ugly. He is so ugly being toothless and having his hanging tongue dangling out the left side of his mouth that when you look at him you can't help but laugh. Cruel I know. Decide for yourself.

Lucas felt sorry for Peanuts ugliness that he tried to imitate his look

I had the privilege to hanging out with peanut the other day along with his owner who I happen to think is fantastic plus my other stellar new friend and her kiddos. It was a great time until Jack kicked Beagle in the face (Beagle the Dog not the food) and screamed at Brittney. That moment was swiftly followed by me scooping a screaming child AKA Jack up by his pants. Mother of the year award coming right to me:)

Soon all the drama ended and life returned to happiness thanks to the local squirrel that was the target of the kids hunt. Got to love squirrels.

These kids are too cute!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Piece of heaven

I got to capture this moment the other morning and my heart melts every time I see it.

That man, he rocks. He puts so much energy and effort into our family. We know, the family are top priority in his life and because of that moments like these happen pretty frequently.

Feeling pretty lucky right now.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Mini miracle

A couple of weeks ago a miracle occurred and I forgot to share it...

I had had a rough couple of days and it keep feeling like everything was going wrong; I was feeling pretty pitiful and pathetic. Anyhow, I couldn't find a credit card. I had looked everywhere it should have been and started to feel constricted by the anxiety that was cruising through my veins. I kept looking in the same place over and over again. I think I emptied my wallet 10 times at least.

I threw my wallet on the floor and sat and cried. Really, why did I have to be SO forgetful and clumsy, I thought. I then decided that this was utterly pathetic and decided to call for help. I prayed. Yes, I prayed, perhaps that might seem weird to some of you but I know God is out there and I needed some help from an all powerful being, so I prayed. My prayer was rather pathetic and sounded more like begging for grace more than anything else.

Well, after I finished my prayer I knew I just needed to look in my wallet and it would be there. I opened up my wallet that I had emptied over 10 times and there was my credit card looking at me.

It was a miracle no question. I was thankful that God had mercy on me that day. God lives and loves me even if I am forgetful and clumsy. He loves you too. If you don't pray I highly recommend it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Benjamin Franklin Said...

We stand at the crossroads, each minute, each hour, each day, making choices. We choose the thoughts we allow ourselves to think, the passions we allow ourselves to feel, and the actions we allow ourselves to perform. Each choice is made in the context of whatever value system we've selected to govern our lives. In selecting that value system, we are, in a very real way, making the most important choice we will ever make.

What is your value system?


Friday, August 12, 2011

Bear O' Lair

Me and Elaine backed her car FULL of stuff squeezed everything and everyone in and headed for a lunch up in the mountains.

To begin with there was a lot of crying coming from Ella, the little drama queen. You see walking made her back hurt so life was tragic. Once we had pushed our strollers full of stuff and children to our spot. The kids played in the water and looked for fish but apparently the fish were scared of the sun and in hiding. We tried to send them down on a little floaty we brought but they were too heavy and just toppled over. It was hilarious! They were terrified, we were entertained.

Lucas stuffed his face full of bear graham crackers, I would look over at him and yet again his hand would be stuffed in a box of crackers while munching on a mouth full of crackers. The motto for Lucas' life is pretty much FOOD = LOVE.

Lucas and Myla poked at each other and stuck whatever was in arms reach in their mouths, the boys played in the water while Ella needed to poo; that was awkward and I was really glad I was not her mother when she announced that she had to poo NOW. Poor Elaine.

Before we knew it the kids were all done with the water and ready to roast hot dog and Smores. Packed everything up again and headed to our next spot. At our next spot we had some major white trash moments that I am too embarrassed to share but Elaine knows what I mean when I say we left our mark where ever we went that day.

There was a tree and the kids had to climb it until they got scared and had to come down, this repeated several times. Our smores were to die for Elaine and I ate one each and our kids left overs. Poor Ethan tried to pick up a coal; BAD IDEA! That was tragic, burnt fingers. We jimmy rigged a bag full of ice and tied it to him.

Finally, we pushed our enormous strollers while carrying stuff, children and pulling a cooler. And then of course they had to cry in the car. I would say it was a success.

Here are a few shots Elaine took of me: THANKS

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