Saturday, July 30, 2011

Island Park; Part 2

Towards the end of our week we got to meet up with some dear old friends from Provo and LA. Off the Yellowstone we went. AMAZING! Super awesomeness happened...we saw a bear! Ben was saying all week that this was the year of the bear (he is very bitter because everyone in his family have seen a bear except him). We saw bison and Elk but the BEAR was by far the best.

Before the bear sighting we hiking down the see the canyon falls. Jack was stellar. He zoomed down and zoomed up; what a stud. The falls were truly beautiful, well worth all the stairs.

Picnic, sightseeing, climbing on frozen snow, buying a souvenir, eating ice cream and getting pizza. Life was good to us that day.

We also went cannoning, swimming, planking, shooting (Jack's first time shooting a gun!) and had tin foil dinners. It was an outdoors fun time! Oh, and Jake became Jack's favorite person EVER!



Kimberly Presbury said...

Wow Jess, Amazing photos you've got there. The family ones are always the best. Such fun and how cool that you got to see a bear!

Cami and Juan said...

How fun to see Jake and Nicole, I haven't heard from them for a while. The pictures are beautiful Jess, what a fun trip.

Aunt Chell said...

I am so glad we can share our cabin with you and that you have fun there. I love it there too. Our children do not know anything but our cabin for vacations. Infact, we have only had one other vacation in our lives then the cabin and that was disneyland when they were little though. But, what a vacation it is huh?

Michelle said...

I am so glad we can share our cabin with you guys and that you have fun there. It is such a great place to own a cabin in Island Park. Our kids have sooo many fond memories. They have been going there since they were 1 month old. Our kids do not know any other place for a family vacation. I kinda wish we could go somewhere else at least once but there really isn't a better place to have ALL our family vacations. I am soo glad Uncle Steve had the forsyth to take it upon and move it and keep it up!!! :D

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