Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Night Time Thoughts

It is 1:52am. Finally calmed Lucas down. It took a drink, snuggles, screaming, more snuggles, a little tune from Eva Cassidy and his blanket and now that he is asleep I am awake. Typical. I know I need my sleep and will be kicking myself tomorrow but I have some thoughts that just need to live in cyber space:

I am dreamer. I love to dream about being an all together mother who is organized and is a better at loading the dishwasher than my hubby. I dream about being an awesome photographer with a thriving business. I dream about being a great teacher to my children. I dream about running a mile in under 8 minutes. I dream about taking challenging dance technique classes that will awaken my body and let it remember its potential. I dream about visiting, emailing and calling all the people I keep thinking about. I dream about being super duper creative in my home. I dream about being an awesome coupon lady. I dream about exploring the world and meeting people from everywhere. I dream about going on a safari.

I love to dream but I think sometimes dreams can hold you back from being present. Sometimes I am lost in what seems like the Bermuda triangle of thoughts and they hold me there not allowing me to live fully in the moment. I share this because as great as dreams can be like the one I had when I was 6 years old to go to BYU to dance and like the dream of getting married in the temple to an amazing guy some dreams can just be counter-productive. So the next time I find myself drifting in and out of my day dreams I hope to remember that although dreams are great I actually have a lot going on RIGHT now, a lot of awesome stuff that I should embrace.

Perhaps if each time I found myself day dreaming I thought of five different things that I currently have going for me I might just be evermore present in my everyday moments.

1: I love to workout! This makes it easy to be healthy and happy
2: I highlighted my hair and it was so liberating; I LOVE it.
3: I take great photos and they make me indescribably happy to look at and know that I captured that moments
4: I have an amazing man sleeping on the other side of my bed; a man who would do anything for me and a man who makes me feel so beautiful and confident.
5: I get to laugh multiple times daily because of my children's personality and characters.

There is a time to dream and a time to embrace the present. Today I choose the later.


Rachel said...

I felt like I was reading my own thoughts! Great post Jess. I can definitely relate. I find myself dreaming instead of doing. Lately my goal has been to stop dreaming and start doing.

Thanks for the reminder to be in the present!

Gwen said...

Sometimes I feel like a voyeur peeping into your thoughts when I read your blog - to counter that thought I'd pop out from behind the curtain and fess up. Ya make me teary, deary!

Phredfamily said...

You don't know how well you've summed up exactly what I've been thinking/feeling lately. Minus the working out.

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