Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life with boys can get messy.

Life with boys can get messy.

would I have it any other way...


Although, it would be nice if Lucas didn't spit his food on me when I am dressed in my Sunday clothes and if Jack would refrain from climbing on my head while I try to have an adult phone call.

A little less than a week ago I went to a conference for women; it was amazing! It talked about how we need to not allow GOOD distractions prevent us from doing what really matters. The lady said that if you don't have enough time to do the most important things then you are more busy than the God ever intended you to be. Why is it that as women we created unrealistic To Do lists? We constantly compare ourselves to others?

Women are hardest on themselves first, their family second and then other women third.

Messed up, huh?

I want to change that.

I am trying to focus on what really important in my life;

Trying to be more like God and Jesus Christ

Loving my children and teaching them how to find true happiness

Spending time with and courting my hubby

Being a positive and optimistic person

Accepting my unique qualities and having confidence in ME






Oh, by the way my mothers day was wonderful!


my into dance for naptimedancer:


Hayley said...

Jess your boys are adorable! I can see why you love them so much! xx

The Twiggers said...

Hi Jess, lovely pics as always. Just to let you know that I childishly am jealous of your glam-ness! I hope to one day aspire to look "with it", blonde and pretty with my own very chunky little boy. (You're older than me so I still have time, right?!) Hope all is well :)

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