Sunday, May 22, 2011



I turned 26 years old, which happens to be really young amongst a lot of my friends. What can I say, I LOVE being a Spring chicken.

My birthday ROCKED!


Lunch with an awesome friend-without kids and go carting and Lazar tag with my one and only. I loved the entire day. I felt loved and lucky to be alive and living my life.

Two days later guess who turned four? JACK ATTACK! He was a little excited especially as now he doesn't have to say he is nearly four, he can actually say "I am four!" I think he finds that very liberating.

I think I am safe in saying that Jack's birthday ROCKED also.

Presents in bed with the family was fantastic. Jack kept saying that he LOVED his present over and over and over. Jack, Lucas and I went to play tee ball at a early hour of 8:30AM, then off for a little exploration followed by the donut house where he got a free donut and a dollar. That little guy is such a charmer when it pleases him. The afternoon was spent at the movie theaters watching RIO. We had a lot of fun and he managed to tell just about everyone that he is indeed four.





Saturday Jack had his friends over for a party. It was crazy. I was just getting over a sickness which I will leave for another post but to put it in a nutshell-
there was a lot of sugar involved, bubbles, games, giggles, screaming and of course silliness. Oh and I made possibly the worlds ugliest cake EVER. I will not pretend or even try to be good at baking cakes because I am hopeless. It's the thought that counts right?



Michelle said...

Happy Birthdays!! Oh and you suck at answering the phone! We called three times between your two numbers to wish you and Jack a Happy Birthday to no avail. Better luck next year maybe. :)

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to you both! I'm not good at cakes either, but I don't think the boys care as long as it has sugar:) And yes, 26 is quite young! I'm about to hit 30...yikes.

Gwen said...

Happy Birthday Gang! FYI - cake in stomachs always looks the same. No worries!

Cami and Juan said...

How fun to have your birthdays close together! Your pictures are always so beautiful. But let me tell you, that picture of Lucas alone in the first picture collage, perfect. He looks so handsome.

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