Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I take photos....

Why I take photos....

...So I can remember and focus upon the good times. We all know that sometimes days have a tendency to suck, for whatever reason. In general an entire day doesn't normally suck it's just elements of that day but often we, I just focus on the bad parts. With the help of my trusty companion; my Canon rebel T1x I can better shift my focus onto the good times.

Yesterday was one of those days that had some serious sucky parts to it. The day started off bad with my dog jumping a 6 foot fence every time she went into the yard, Jack urinated on the bathroom floor, I got yelled at and had a melt down in front of a bunch of mothers and their children to which one of the girls said, "Even moms get scared sometimes too!"

But there were some really great parts to yesterday and without my camera I would have completely forgotten them and turned into an ogre.

So here are some of the more glorious parts of yesterday:

This is our version of "Free Running" there is a part half way through where it gets stuck for a moment just keep watching.

We had a hour of explosive water fun




And that folks is why I love my camera!


Lesley-Ann said...

What a poser Jack Michael, love the video, Reagan and Heidi did an excellent job :-)

Lindsey B said...

Cute pictures! I need to follow your example and do better at turning otherwise crappy days into good ones! We have a Canon Rebel T1xi and we love it! What is your favorite lens to use? I love all of your pictures!


Nate + Carlee said...

What? How could anyone yell at YOU?! You are the greatest. Give us a call when you are back in town! Miss you. Also, Jack's face makes me happy. That is all.

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