Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ben turned 28

Ben turned 28.

A couple weeks ago my LOVE had a birthday. We went out for sushi; it was divine. The restaurant was beautiful and the food exquisite. The next day Jack was insistent that his daddy have a rainbow colored cake, we did our best; it was weird but tasted OK. Luckily for me Ben is not a huge cake critic.

Choosing to marry Ben Carney was the very best decision I have ever made. He's example always encourages me to be better, because of Ben I am a better person today. Because of Ben I am addicted to Prison Break! We have been staying up way to late seeing if Micheal is going to break out or get caught.

I love my man!



Michelle said...

Could it be... is my chubby Lucas slimming out? He doesn't look so tankish in these pictures.

Oh yea and Happy Birthday little brother. :)

Lesley-Ann said...

Prison break is so addictive I was so pleased when we were done. Love Michael :-)

David said...

We love him too!

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