Monday, March 28, 2011

#69 Who's Brilliant?

My dad always asks the boys; Josh and Jack, "Who's Brilliant?" and they both roar "ME!"

Saturday morning the cousins, Josh and Jack were playing like boys do; jumping on each other with pillows other wise known as A pillow fight. All was happy and light hearted fun until Jack decided he no longer loved being sandwiched between two voluptuous pillows. Screaming at me and Josh I calmly suggested that Jack asks Josh nicely to stop, he does and Josh pulls back- nice job boys.

Jack stands up and grabs his pillow and runs full speed at Josh (he has a hard time forgiving) and jumps on him. Josh is now screaming pushes Jack of and throws the pillow at Jack, Jack goes in for a punch and Josh responds with a kick. They are both heavy breathing.

Pops intervenes, "Wo, wo, wo what is going on?" After a little intervention all is good and Pops asks, "Now who is brilliant?" "ME!" They both yell and then Josh says very matter of fact, "Actually, Jack is not very Brilliant right now!" I would agree Josh.

After they spent the entire day together having an absolute blast with pops!


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