Monday, March 7, 2011

#54 you can make a hat in no time

Around Christmas time I was a crocheting lunatic! After crocheting a bunch of hats I decided it would be fun to learn to knit.
Well...knitting is SO much harder. I am still working on my knitting creations (hopefully they will be ready before I am an old woman) but last night I decided to return to needle with a hock and have some fun. I came up with this little head warmer. Lucas looks pretty cute in it too. I am thinking of making him one so we came match becasue who doesn't love to match?



Phredfamily said...

You made that in one night?!

Lauren vdH said...

And you came up with the pattern on your own! Wow! It looks great!

Jessica said...

It took about an hour and a half Ladies. I am not talented at following patterns so YES I made it up as I went; this can sometimes have weird results but this time it turned out good I think.

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