Thursday, March 3, 2011

#50 Jacks first playdate with a little girl:)
Jack had been begging for Lauren to come for a playdate so being the awesome mother I am I made it happen. We played hot wheels, made a fort (using EVERY blanket in our house), had a picnic which of course means we made a mess, danced and visited the park. Our playdate ROCKED!
It was so delightful to see the difference between girls and boys. Jack was so sweet and gentle with her well except for the time he jumped on top of her which she then told him he had to be careful because girls are sweet and beautiful. He obeyed by explaining it was an accident (it was not but he covered it up pretty well) and accidents just happen sometimes - he stole that line from me.
They were dancing and Lauren told Jack he needed to dance with him so Jack obeys and busts out his hip jiggle Elvis style and she says "NO! Dance WITH me" She then pulls him close takes his hand and places it her waist and holds the other hand. Jack looks at me "this is different!" It was hilarious.



Lesley-Ann said...

Oh I can see why Jack likes Lauren, what a cutie :-)

Malinda Jane Sieg said...

That is hilarious! What a cutie! That must have been so fun to watch. Can you even imagine when our little boys go off to their first real dance?! So many things to look forward to and good laughs to be had. :)

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