Thursday, March 31, 2011

And then I got Pneumonia...

Yes, it's true there is a reason as to why I have felt so rotten, the doctor confirmed on Tuesday that I have Pneumonia. I am not on my my death bed but I am also not dancing through life rather the last few days have been a cycle of feeding Lucas, feeding myself, filling my body with antibiotics and napping; it really has been thrilling! (said in the most sarcastic tone I can manage while coughing up mucus.)

Oh and by the way I am still in Utah.

So let me tell you about the gift I brought to Utah. I went all out and brought the evil flu.

Yes, aren't I your best friend?

OK so Thursday night before leaving for Utah Lucas had projectile vomit 2 times. I really didn't think he had was anything contagious, in fact it never crossed my mind that his condition would be contagious. I just thought it was a result of all the mucus that he had had. Well, guess what...I was wrong. Yes, very wrong.

Within less than 3 days of me and my clang arriving we managed to give the dreaded bug to 10 people (probably more by now, sanitize lots because it might make it's way to you). I have to find humor in this because I feel so awful I might just revert to a stage of perpetual crying but that wont do any good and plus it will make me have a coughing fit.

So Sunday - Tuesday I was surrounded my the walking dead. Everywhere I looked there was someone looking tragically sick or talking to someone I had made sick or typing a text message to get an update on another sick person. To say the least I felt like I should exit Utah as fast as possible.

But then my body felt so left out (of course being such an attention seeker) it went and decided to develop pneumonia. I was not impressed with this progression. Talk about LAME. So, now all the people that I made sick now have to look after me.

Seriously, don't you wish I came to visit you? It is rhetorical, please don't answer.

I don't think I shall be welcome in Utah for a long time.

so much for a vacation!

Monday, March 28, 2011

#70 Pedicures are OVERRATED

The girlie's in my family plus Lucas headed out for a pedicure. It was a first for all of us. Now I have never had a pedicure because I have troll feet and basically am too embarrassed to show them off and plus I am cheap. Anyway, we decided to do a little girls outing and give it a try. I had a blast because I was with a bunch of great people but really whats the hype about pedicures. Yes, my toes looked better but the whole experience was nothing special. It is SO overrated! The best part was when the lady put steaming hot towels on our feet and we all tensed up and she said "too hot?" "Yes" and she nods and smiles. It was SO hot I had to use all of my self control to keep on smiling and sitting in the chair.

#69 Who's Brilliant?

My dad always asks the boys; Josh and Jack, "Who's Brilliant?" and they both roar "ME!"

Saturday morning the cousins, Josh and Jack were playing like boys do; jumping on each other with pillows other wise known as A pillow fight. All was happy and light hearted fun until Jack decided he no longer loved being sandwiched between two voluptuous pillows. Screaming at me and Josh I calmly suggested that Jack asks Josh nicely to stop, he does and Josh pulls back- nice job boys.

Jack stands up and grabs his pillow and runs full speed at Josh (he has a hard time forgiving) and jumps on him. Josh is now screaming pushes Jack of and throws the pillow at Jack, Jack goes in for a punch and Josh responds with a kick. They are both heavy breathing.

Pops intervenes, "Wo, wo, wo what is going on?" After a little intervention all is good and Pops asks, "Now who is brilliant?" "ME!" They both yell and then Josh says very matter of fact, "Actually, Jack is not very Brilliant right now!" I would agree Josh.

After they spent the entire day together having an absolute blast with pops!

#68 The Golden Goose

My dad is adorable. The grandchildren know him as POPS! Of course they all (all 3 of them) love him. Oh by the way I am in Utah for a swift trip. Friday night was story time with POPS, the chosen story "The Golden Goose" a favorite of mine. FYI the actual book they were reading was mine as a child, and I don't know about you but when I was a child I felt inclined to write my name in all my books and super special books I would add my address and phone number. I guess I believed in a book thief or something. This book was no different, in the first page in my awkward cursive penmanship the name "Jessica Presbury" is written.

POPS did all the voices and the the boys were mesmerized. I love story time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Here is an article I wrote for and I wanted to share it with you all.

The article can be found here too:)

Am I Beautiful?

What is beauty? Beauty can be described as something or someone who gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind. The fact is everyone has their own perception of beauty but today's media likes to take the lead in "telling" us what beauty is. Well, I refuse to be told what beauty is. I determine what beauty is.

Am I beautiful? It's a subjective question and to each person will respond differently but the question is; what do I think? Growing up I was showered with compliments of being my daddy's princess. I was told I was beautiful at least once a day. I believed will al my heart that I was indeed beautiful. I was confident and certain that I was going places in this world.

Then I grew up and left the complementing walls of my home and ventured to a far off place to attend college. The college I attended seemed to be filled to the brim with the most beautiful women in the world. Suddenly, I would question the reflection that I saw in the mirror, "are you beautiful?" without the reassuring showers of compliments my confidence dwindled and I even felt ugly at times. This shift in persona led to overeating, anxiety and retraction.

It took me time to realize that beauty doesn't lie in compliments. Beauty doesn't lie in my reflections. Beauty doesn't lie in whether I can fit into a pair of skinny jeans. No. Beauty lies within my being. I am beautiful when I am grounded. I am beautiful when I am happy. I am beautiful when I am healthy. I am beautiful with stretch marks for they remind me of the miracles that I have been blessed with. I am beautiful when I am content with who I am and where my path of life is heading. Beauty lies in my certainty of a divine being.

I believe that beauty is not so much something you just see. I believe that beauty begins as a feeling and that feeling grows and radiates in the appearance of beauty.

I determine if I am beautiful. I do not believe that it is conceded to believe in being beautiful rather I think by telling and believing in my own beauty I radiate goodness and am able to see the beauty in those around me with increased clarity.

Ask yourself, "Am I beautiful?" The answer is up to you. You don't need to visit the salon or go on a shopping spree to be beautiful you just have to decide that you are beautiful. Decide to be beautiful and feel the transformation.
OK, so last night I was heading out for a church meeting, I am on the stake activities committee which basically means I get to stress out organising awesome events for everyone to enjoy. Before leaving I found Ben snuggled up inside the covers of our bed. He was napping! This is not allowed, not because he doesn't deserve because trust me he does but he is a terrible napper (is "napper" even a word?). How can someone be a terrible napper you might ponder. Well when Ben naps he goes into such a deep sleep it's terribly hard to wake him.
I gave myself about 20 minutes to wake him before having to leave. our conversation went something like this;

me: Honey I have to go soon, can you wake up?
Ben: (sudden movements, freaky wide eyes) Where am I? What is this!?
Me: You are in bed taking a nap but I need you to wake up
Ben: do you have the spreadsheet?
me: (seriously) Honey we are at home I need you to wake up
Ben: I am awake...are we doing a sales pitch?
Me: No I need you to watch the kids while I leave (Oh dear, he is going to put the baby in the oven for dinner)
Ben: (somewhat aggravated) Well what face do you want? before or after?
Me: what on earth are you talking about? Honey can you hear me?
Ben: (moaning) yes I am awake...where are you going?
Me: I need you to stand up
he stands up and flops down on the bed in a different spot. I turn to jack
Me: Jack mommy has to leave, call me if daddy starts acting weird.

I am happy to report that both children were safe when I returned home.

#67 Saturday walk with number one dad!





#66 Jack Changes a Diaper


#65 HOW TO POP A BALLOON using your teeth

#64 I finally bought curtains for my NOW not so plain room


Sunday, March 20, 2011

#63 Biking.

#62 Laundry, the never ending job. Will it ever be done?

#61, 3 People I love

#60 Flowers with Prickles


Sunday, March 13, 2011

You wanna hear about MY week? Doubt it...
OK, I am not going to lie, it's been a rough week and I could go on and on about how I have been screamed at constantly and been told by someone small who is almost 4(who I love dearly) that he hates me...try AT LEAST 50 times a day and how I barley ever see my husband because it's his busy season and he basically lives at his clients office, literally. But I won't put you through that because you either loose all desire to ever have children or more children or make you want to hit me!
Enough of this.
The fact is it was a rough week, I lost my temper (major mommy monster moment) and wanted to hide in the closet but then I realized just how much I have.
The devastation in Japan has opened my eyes to everything I have and should be grateful for. The fact is I KNOW where my children and husband are. I am not worried sick wondering if they are alive or dead.
Last night, Ben and I looked at photos from Japan's destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami.
It stilled my soul.
I have no words because what can words do?
They can not bring back people, they can not re-build the homes and buildings that were destroyed.
Words can not make the disaster disappear.
I have no words that can make it seem better but I can pray for them.
I can pray that they will feel peace and be comforted.
I can pray that they will find hope out of this disaster.
I can pray that I can learn from this experience.
I can pray that I will count my blessings more frequently.
I can pray that I will be motivated to build a food storage and make emergency plans in case we were ever affected by such a disaster.
Please pray with me:)
#60 Black and White

I feel as time goes on I am continuing to figure out what my style is as a photographer. I am really loving color and having fun experimenting with it but every now and then I just LOVE black and white. Here are my boys in old fashioned black and white.

#59 The power of an imagination.

This empty vacuum box transformed into a spaceship, a house and a hiding spot for the bad guys AKA me. I love to imagine and encourage my children's ability to pretend, I mean as I am sitting here I am pretending that I am a princess and honestly that's makes me feel really good!

#58 Brothers

The other day Dallin said to Jack while looking at Lucas, "does Lucas have chapstick?" Jacks response was "no, he has testicles." HA! So random.

#57 The Trouble with opportunity is it always comes disguised as hard work - Will Rodgers


#56 Lucas

He has finally figure out how to put puffs into his mouth now he is trying to master, what they call "stuffing your face" I think he is well on the way to success.


Monday, March 7, 2011

#55 Dog love and a hilarious conversation with Jack

Lucas and his doggy. He can not express his love as Jack does by pulling her tail and jumping on her but that will come with time.

Jack is having a bath and he turns to deep thinking
Jack: Is Lucas Going to die?
Me: well, yes one day. We will all die eventually
Jack:Hummm, you will die?
Me: One day hopefully when I am really old.
Jack: Oh no! When you die daddy will go to work and I will be all alone, who will look after me?
Me: Well if I am old when I die you will be big and look after yourself and you family.
Jack: OK
Me: How many kids are you going to have?
Jack: urm, several maybe 11?!
Me: wow that's a lot, you will have to make sure that's OK with your wife, that's a lot of kids to look after
Jack: Well I will have Callie, Madison and Lauren
Me: well you should only have one wife
Jack: OK you can be my wife then. You can be daddy's wife and my wife
Me: no way! I am only daddy's wife
Jack: OK, but can we live with you?
Me: ((((((NO WAY)))))) Well, we will see.
Shorty after this conversation, like 30 seconds after Jack grabs the gigantic lavender bar of soap and digs his fingers into it and then declares "I am going to clean my eyes!"
now everything goes in SLOW motion
I say "no Jack"
finger in jack's eye
smile on his face
smile fading
everything is on fast motion and seems like it will never end
"My eye! My Eye! My Eye! My eye! My eye! My eye!"
"I am done with cleaning my eye, so done with cleaning my eye, so done!"
- do you get the picture, if you need a more realistic idea just come over to my house EVERYTHING is so dramatic, he repeated this for about 5 minutes it seemed like an eternity.
We washed it up and then watched Sesame Street. His eye is fine. I think he will not wash it again using the same method.
#54 you can make a hat in no time

Around Christmas time I was a crocheting lunatic! After crocheting a bunch of hats I decided it would be fun to learn to knit.
Well...knitting is SO much harder. I am still working on my knitting creations (hopefully they will be ready before I am an old woman) but last night I decided to return to needle with a hock and have some fun. I came up with this little head warmer. Lucas looks pretty cute in it too. I am thinking of making him one so we came match becasue who doesn't love to match?

#53 I AM flexible, it's embarrasing

I love working out as you know, often workouts get interupted by little people and end up looking like this:


Friday, March 4, 2011

#52 Photo in our yard
"the people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want; if they don't find them, they make them" - George Bernard Shaw
Let's be THAT type of person. Go and make your story happen



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