Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#41 Playdough poo, jumping and a thoughts from me
Today, the boys were being very quiet so of course I was suspicious. After investigation I found them in Jack's room with Playdough (against my rules). They were creating playdough boa constrictors and playdough poo.
Boy's are obsessed with poo, at least 10 times every hour some comment is made regarding poo or bottoms; whether it be
"I am going to poo on your face"
"you smell like poo"
"I sucked it up my bum"
"you are a poo poo"
"It tastes of poo"
I could go...I wont. Whats the facination? Poo is multiple colors, a disgusting consitency and smelly. oh dear, I can't believe I just described poo!
Well, I doubt they will never grow out of it.
They Jumped a lot today, nothing got broke so it was a success!

I think you should spend less time being who everyone else is and start being who you really are.

I dare you to be true to yourself

Sometimes I think we are afraid of our potential. We are children of God remember...

There is no degree in motherhood just a lifelong experience that will mold you into something divine if give it your all.

You know that God is NOT discouraged because he keeps sending children to earth.



Lesley-Ann said...

Oh it's boys don't you think? Even the big boys, need you look further then your brother and husband and their wonderful bottom habits!!!!

Malinda Jane Sieg said...

Boys and their poop....it's the same over at our house. I love your pictures and your take on motherhood.

Nola said...

You are so brave. I struggle watching Matyas jump of the couch. You guys have tons of fun though!

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