Monday, September 20, 2010


It's been 5 years that I have been married to Mr. Carney and to celebrate our anniversary I went all out and leaked breast milk all over the bed- yay for Ben!

We had a Jack free night! We made Mexican tacos- Amazing! We had awesome onion breath that lasted the entire weekend.

Saturday we headed out to the mountains. We embarked on a lovely hike to crater lakes. It was about 3 miles, the last mile my thighs were on fire: LOVED IT! There is just something wonderful about sweating.

The lakes were well worth the hike; beautiful and secluded.

We fished. Well, Ben fished while I took pictures and then slapped the water with a fly rod. The little brookies that we caught were so vibrant and beautiful.

What can I say, it was wonderful to be in a gorgeous setting with my very best friend doing things that we both love.

The best thing about marriage is that it makes you a better person. I absolutely married up in the food chain of marriage. Ben has so many qualities that I desire and hope to develop before I am super old and wrinkly. He constantly makes me want to be better, and that my friends is the awesomeness of marriage.


Lately, I have been loving my time with the little boys in my life.

Jack is fully of energy as usual. We have been doing lots of projects that involve sticky, sticky glue. Playing pretend, dancing and baking have been on our weekly to- do lists.

Jack recently told me to "dig deeper" while working out; he is my number one supporter.

Lucas is a joy. I am loving having an infant. It is so much more fun and less stressful the second time round (at least so far). His smile is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. I love his soft skin.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

These make me smile...

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