Monday, July 12, 2010

Birth Story...

It all started at 11:30pm, Monday 5th July.

I am asleep



I jump, almost bounce out of bed and gushhhhhh, "My water broke! Ben, BEN my water broke!" My pants are soaked by now. Ben looks at me, exhausted with the words "not tonight" written all over his face; poor guy had been doing yard work and redoing our deck all day long but did our baby care...NOPE.

I run into the bathroom clean myself up. My heart is racing, I am going to have a baby within 24 hours. HOLY COW! I am still leaking, I know gross but thats how it works.

I call the doctor, Yes go to the hospital she says.

What about my sleeping Jack man. Ben calls around and arranges people to come and be with him. I worry, will he be OK?

I threw everything into my hospital bag that was on tomorrows to-do list. Grandma comes over. We head out.

In the car headed to the hospital. Everything seems so surreal. We stop at a 7 eleven / Medical marijuana store (it's legal here in Denver, that angers me but I wont go into that now) to get snacks, I am going to need some carbs.

Into the ghetto to my hospital.

We get checked in and see our friends the Peterson's, they are having their baby in the room next to us! CRAZY STUFF.

OK. Just to clarify I am having frequent contractions at this point but they are not painful just plain uncomfortable.

We take a stroll around the hospital. Check out every floor. I chew gum like it's going out of style.

Back to our room and we both kind of nap.

5:30am Lindsey (nurse #1) checks me, I am at a 4, life is good they wont put me on pitocin.

Ben gets breakfast around 6:45, we go on another walk, contractions are getting stronger, it's hard to walk through them. I only managed two floors this time.

Around 7:15 it all begins...

The contractions HURT!
They are coming about every 3-4 mins and lasting for 4 mins. I am breathing like Darth Vader.

I had mentally decided that I would do everything in my power to endure labor without any pain medication until noon and if by then I wasn't close I would give up!

I keep looking at the clock...noon is a LONG way off.

With every contraction I become a little more vocal.

9am rolls around they check me I am a 5! Only half way:(

Well, I have to pee like a race horse at this point so after a contraction Ben and I head over to the Loo. After doing my thing I have a contraction and I want to push, I want to push! Ben's like "don't, no one is here, just stand and breathe through a few more contractions."

In agony we let gravity do it's job.

Kimberly (nurse #2) comes in, I tell her I want to push. She tells the Doc, Doc checks me I am at an 8! That is progress just 10 mins after being a 5. Whoot whoot! "Alright we are going to have a baby soon" she says.

Within minuets Doc is dressed in surgical gear with a funky looking face guard on, there's a table with all sorts or pointy instruments- WHAT THE HECK!

Contractions are unbearable, I am thinking why am I doing this? Ben is my rock repeating "you can do this babe!" while I smack the bed and breathe "HO, HO, HA!"

Time to push.

So, I thought I was in pain before but pushing a baby out was a whole new WORLD of pain. I thought I was going to have a head stuck in my vagina for the rest of my life- this is a really terrifying thought. I seriously thought it was never going to end.

By this time I was screaming so loud that my friend who was next door was on the phone and the person on the phone with her could hear me. This is somewhat embarrassing. Ben will testify to my loudness.

Doc tells me to push now without waiting for a contraction. Little did I know it was because the cord was wrapped around his neck.


They are cutting the cord, I feel like I am going to split into two

and then



out the body comes.

It's over

I did it!

They put my brand new baby on my chest, his a strange color combo of purple and grey

I am thinking "that was the worst experience of my life"

I am crying

I am shaking

I apologize for screaming so loud

Ben is so proud of me, I love him even more

Our baby is perfect:)

.....and that folks is my birth story.



Hutchins Family said...

Jess I LOVE reading your blog, it always makes me laugh. Maybe I'm not supposed to laugh at a birth story but I did. I didn't realize you and Tammy had your babies at the same time same place, that's pretty dang cool. Lucas is adorable, I'm so excited for you, he's sure lucky to have such an amazing mom!

Megan Miley and Chris said...

Oh my goodness... I was thinking about going all natural with this one but I don't know! You freaked me right out! hahahah Was it worth it? Will you do it again if you have more Children? I am dang proud of you! I hope that my water never breaks hahaha I don't want to deal with that hah

Phredfamily said...

YOU DID IT! You're amazing! Gonna do #3 o' naturale?

Tamie said...

you WERE loud. but is was the most awesomnest-est kind of loud b/c YOU DID IT all by yourself. and that makes it ok to be as loud as you want!!!
you ROCK my friend....and we have the bestest stories to tell about our adorable little guys!
lots of love ot you!

Jessarella said...

AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! Love you.

Jaime said...

Congrats. You are awesome for doing that. He's adorable and I'm glad everyone is doing well.

Ashley A. said...

That was an awesome birth story. I laughed a lot. You are superwoman!! Congrats again!

Season and Isabella said...

That was the best birth story I have ever read! Working on a mom-baby unit I really appreciated the breathing like darth vader comment - It is so true! You are so funny! Thanks for sharing! He is so perfect and beyond blessed to be in your family. You are one of the kindest, most patient moms I have ever known. Congratulations and enjoy!

Cami and Juan said...

You look good for going through it all natural! That is awesome, good for you. And he is perfect. I bet you're glad it's over.

Daisymay said...

So, I am reading your terrifying story. See, I just was with Lauren while she had her baby and just reading your experience just brought it all back and I have NO idea how you did it. WOW!!!! Lauren wanted to go without an epideral but didn't make it. Good for you!!!!!

vicki said...

I had Nilsy and Nola with out pain medication, Nephi they gave me Demerol to stop the shakes and spinal for surgery after I delivered him. With Nola started labor on Monday morning had her Wednesday morning, did get some sleep in between contractions. Never understood why pain meds needed. Liked how Nola was so alert after her birth, Nilsy had Pneumonia so I think he could fight it better than being sedated. Took me forever to get to 5 but once I hit it I had them within 5-10 minutes, anesthesiologist caught Nephi. My dad missed Nilsy's by 10 minutes so he stayed with me the whole time with Nola. Don't like not having control over my body so avoid anything stronger then aspirin or Tylenol. Proud of you glad you stuck to it, you will forget the pain and remember the joy of holding that sweet bundle.

Nate + Carlee said...

Wow Jess, you really ARE wonder woman! Way to go! And I would imagine you being really loud because 1. Ouch! 2. You are so in tune with your body 3. Who cares what other people think?! 4. Ouch! You amaze me Jess! AND I Love, love, loved reading this post. It made me miss you. Nate always says "Jessica is like Maria from the Sound of Music. That movie is like Jessica hollywood-ized." Ha, ha!

Decembermum said...

I love your birth story Jess, well done for having a natural birth in the US! Lucas is a beautiful baby.

Katie said...

Oh my goodness! You are a brave woman. What a sweet little baby you have and you don't look like you even winced in that picture. I'm sure you are glad to be done, but way to go!

Joe and Lis said...

WOW! You are amazing Jess! I cant even imagine what you're amazing! :)

Mat & Jen said...

Thank you for sharing this! You are amazing - honestly, AMAZING!

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