Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prego Update...

Well, baby Carney is still in Uterine world. I am a whopping 38 weeks and four days...can you tell I am counting down? Here is the break down of this pregnancy:

The parts that totally bummed:

I vomited practically the entire pregnancy I mean the last time I knelt at my porcelain throne was less than a week ago. Every time I thought the vomit had gone my body would surprise me with an outburst! I think the longest I went with out vomiting is three weeks. Gross!

I still have morning sickness, not in the severity as it was the first 20 weeks but it's still there. I have to be careful what I eat every morning and how fast I eat.

Getting large is just plain awkward.

I have given up running:( I ran up until about 4 and half weeks ago it just started to feel like my bladder was going to explode and my belly fall off. Now I just look longingly at runners and tell myself that one day in the future I will run again...I will.

This time around my feet really hurt, like I think they are going to fall off.

I have been SO much more emotional; it's embarrassing. When the biggest loser was on I think I got teary during every episode. Oh dear.

Choosing a name has been and still is SO hard.

The parts that ROCK!

He finally is starting to drop and now I CAN BREATHE. Ahhhhh, sweet breath.

I LOVE feeling him move and does he an Irish dancer.

I love watching my belly move and seeing the body parts of my uterus inhabitant.

Teaching Jack about his baby brother and involving him in all the preparations has been so much fun. Jack has been so intrigued with everything and I love his enthusiasm for learning.

I love it when Jack talks to his baby brother and talks to other people about his baby brother.

Listening to the creative names Jack has come up with for his baby brother:
Cowboy Pablo
Moose baby
Peter Pan

This time the pregnancy has gone by so much faster! This is a HUGE bonus!

Feeling not so clueless about everything has made pregnancy less stressful.

*I am really feeling ready to be done with pregnancy but still scared about life with two children. I guess I will never be ready until it actually happens. I long to SLEEP but I guess it's going to be while, maybe years until I'm really truly rested again, oh sleep how I miss you but it's a small sacrifice to make.

Well, my due date is July 10th, Jack was 11 days over due and that was after being induced so who knows how late he would have been. When do think baby Carney will leave my cooshy uterus and come to live in this crazy world. Make you predictions...


Friday, June 25, 2010

Butterfly Pavilion.

We went to see butterfly's with my friend Cami and her adorable little girl, Amelia.

Several amazing things happened:

I didn't get us lost! This is huge. I don't have a cell phone, a GPS or a printer with ink so I went the old fashioned way and wrote down my little directions and they were amazing. I am feeling quite proud of myself:)

We saw some intense bugs, like bugs the size of your hand. I was a little grossed out. Jack was way scared which surprised me as he squishes most bugs he sees. Mind you these bugs were on steroids, so it seemed. I could not live in a place that has lots of huge bugs!

We saw a guy with a tarantula. I think Jack kind of wanted to touch it but chickened out.

Jack and I touched some star fish; they are squishy and soft.

We saw tons of butterflies! They were everywhere. This was by far the coolest part of our adventure. One landed on Cami's hand and one on Jack's head.

A turtle came out of hiding, Jack was nervous and climbed into the stroller and the turtle came after him, it was pretty funny.

Jack squished his first penny, you know in one of those machines? It was ultra cool. He was pretty obsessed with his new and improved penny that had a picture of a scorpion on it.

Well, all in all it was great fun, a little too hot but I can't complain it's summer. Thanks Cami, it was great to catch up.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dog Park!

With my number one man out of town I have been a little low on energy as Jack insists that every morning begins at 6am and my teething dog is full of more energy than I can imagine so I formed a brilliant plan to suck the energy out of my dog. To go to the dog park! She LOVED it! I LOVED it! I just sat there while Reagan ran around sniffing other dog's butts and Jack was terribly enthralled with the doggie water fountain so no complaints there.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jack does not like wonder why?

So this afternoon Jack attack and I headed down to the outdoor pool just around the corner from us. We were having a blast until the incident.

In my words this is what happened:
Jack was getting a little too adventurous and me being large with my ever expanding uterus didn't want to go into the deeper water. I nicely asked Jack to stay where I was. He causally looked at me and ignored so the life guard intervened and said "hey buddy thats too deep for you, back over here." I thought that was nice of him, Jack did not. Jack looked devastated and ran crying to me. The next fifteen minutes were spent trying to explain that the lifeguard was trying to help.

I think Jack saw the lifeguard in this light:

In Jacks words:

The lifeguard said "HEY BUDDY, NANANANANA BLAH BLAH etc..."

I DON'T LIKE LIFEGUARDS. I want to throw water at lifeguards. lifeguards are not our friends, daddy is my friend! I am not happy with that lifeguard. That lifeguard makes me sad. I want to throw that man in the deep water. Lifeguards don't help us policemen help us.

He was so offended by the what the lifeguard had said that we ended up leaving.

Hummm, what an interesting 3 year old I have created!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Water fun...

Just got back from watching little boys soak themselves! It was Hilarius:) I must admit that I was somewhat jealous that I was not running around half naked getting soaked but for many reasons I decided to act like a responsible adult and watch the kids from the side lines.

I love summer!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Wildlife Experience!

Elaine and I took our kiddo's to the wildlife experience.


Highlights were:

Blubber; this stuff is cool.

Watching Ethan being terrified of fake animals

The floor fish that scatter

Trying to figure out if the elephant was real of fake

Running around like maniacs on a grass area that said "Not a play area" Woops!

Dressing up in costumes that were way to small and Jack getting a front and back wedgie


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The other day I was feeling rotten so Jack and I stayed in and painted our faces. It was more fun than you can imagine!


Monday, June 7, 2010

I am wonder woman!

I don't want to brag but I am feeling quite powerful right now. I feel like I should be wearing a cape and flying around the house.


Well... because we just got back from a 5 and a half mile walk to a lake. I had Jack in the Graco, heavy as heck stroller (to carry all our stuff), Reagan attached on a lead trying to attack every butterfly on our way, it was 90+ degrees and I am 8 months pregnant.

Yes, I feel like wonder woman.

The sad news is after walking for about an hour we get to the lake and there is a fat old sign shouting "DOGS ARE PROHIBITED!" Prohibited is such a harsh word. I really felt terribly sad. There was no way Jack was not going to playing the water without causing WW3. So I got creative and played for an hour until a nice teenager wearing some silly uniform told us that dogs were not allowed. I was apologetic but my inner demon wanted to tackle her to the ground but being the sweaty prego lady I am I really stood no chance.

So our journey home began and a MIRACLE occurred..... tantrums! Amazing!

The way there it was down hill.

The way back was UP HILL baby! I seriously can say that I was sweating like a pig. Gross I know but true.

Jack discovered his inner singer/song writter and sang his heart out in the fields.

So when we got home we just had to hose ourselves down. Jack really like this part.

And now Jack and Reagan are completely zapped and I will now go and clean the house.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Awesome adventure consisted of:
Great company
The train
The bus
lots of steps
a hill
a picnic
Football and Frisbee
wet clothes
back to the train
Asleep in car seats!

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