Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life as A mum...

Why do I say "oh I'm just a stay at home mum" when asked my occupation? Maybe its the pride of a semi feminist of just lack of confidence in God's work but regardless I want to change it and answer from my heart.

My heart is full. Being a mother is the hardest adventure I have embarked on and yet there are days or weeks when I feel like I have accomplished nothing and yet I am exhausted. Utterly exhausted.

As I got pregnant unexpectedly it took a while to come to terms with being a mum especially being at school surrounded by single giggling dancers. And really it wasn't until I finished school that I really felt settled into motherhood. Perhaps some of you are shocked that it took me so long...Well it did. I believe in seasons of life and each season takes some growing up, some letting go and lots of trust in God. Motherhood, I have found took a lot of growing up. Still working on that;)

Motherhood is all about trust. Trust in God, trust in yourself and trust in your little baby. Even though there are days that I am a slave to the vacuum or crawling on the floor trying to replenish the stains of filth caked into my carpet I believe I am building a foundation on which my little Jack, who by the way tells me frequently that he is not my baby, can grow in character and stature.

Once you get past all the cleaning, laundry (plies of that), tantrums, never ending nursery rhythms its the special moments that matter most. It in these moments that Heavenly Father teaches me about the importance of this great work; motherhood.

I am no expert, actually I have done almost everything I always said I would not do since being a mum but I do know that being a mother and raising children is a divine role sent from God, our Heavenly Father. No matter how lowly some might think motherhood I have never worked harder in my life and never felt closer to my Heavenly Father than I do being a stay at home mother. So next time someone asks "what do you do?" I hope my reply will be "I am full time mother and I have never worked harder and been more rewarded in my life! What do you do?" HA! I think I might say that to myself daily, it sounds like a good prep to prepare me for the tantrums, the biting, the mess and all the love. Oh the LOVE!

Life as a mother...I wouldn't have it any other way:)


Jessarella said...

Well said!

Rebecca said...

Jack is lucky to have you as his mom! (or mum):)

Cami and Juan said...

I think society pushes us to add in the 'just'. Yesterday was the first time I did not say, I'm 'just' a secretary. We just have to get to the point where we don't care what other people think and take pride in our job. I can't wait to say, I'm a stay at home mom.

Michelle Weymouth said...

That was the worst while I was in college and pregnant with Rex. People would always ask what I was going to do when I was done. It was hard not to say "just" be a stay at home mom. They always gave me a funny look or point blanked asked me what the point of getting a degree was. Um hello?!?! How can a degree hurt? Motherhood requires knowledge and skills in just about everything!
Well said post and awesome picture Jess!
p.s. I have also done just about everything I was adament I would never do. That is why motherhood is so humbling, and I think that's a good thing. :)

Lesley-Ann said...

Beautiful post Jessie, you are a wonderful MUM, I couldn't hope for my daughter to be a better MUM, you teach me so much :-)

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