Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Round two "Half Marathon"

Last year I decided to take the plunge with a dear friend and run a half marathon, you can read about it here. Well I did it again! Yep, I think this is something I will do annually;) Sadly I couldn't do it with my fellow shuffler, Carlee as she lives in Utah and I Colorado so I found new shuffling buddies. Our running crew was made up of the following wonderful women:
  • Rebbecca, the non sweaty lady with a light footed stride, seriously this woman was speedy gonzolas
  • Mellisa, the long legged pace setter. She is so consistent!
  • Elaine, the girl who said she couldn't who then did it with style and determination. Now she is addicted to races...what did I create?
  • Anne, the most determined woman I have ever met! She ran a half Marathon with an injury, it is beyond me as to how she did it.
  • And ME! I am by far the sweatiest and craziest.
We have been training for about 7 weeks. My favorite part of a half marathon is the journey, the personal progression, the friendships and following through till the end.
Well, the half marathon was in beautiful Buena Vista. Anne has a rich cousin who kindly let us stay in their mansion cabin; it would be an understatement to say us mum's had a blast being childless for one night. After playing boggle and realizing that our vocabulary is pathetic in comparison to Anne's walking dictionary brain we headed to bed. After a restless night we were up grunting, groaning and giggling with nerves. School buses took us up into glorious country. Before the race the forest was riddled with squatting white bottoms for what seemed like a group urination! It was pretty funny to see everyone trying to be discrete.
Then the run. We (the five of us) were in the lead for a split second...we were the first to the starting line. The first 8 miles felt amazing, I was power woman I wish I would have worn a cape because when mile 11 crept along I would have opted for flight for the last two miles but that would be cheating. I would be lying if I said it was a breeze because it was not but I did win the battle between my mind. Running is truly a mind game.
I was thrilled with my results: I didn't stop. I averaged just over a 10 minute mile (for me this is good) and I finished strong!
Who wants to run a half with me next year?????

Fun in our cabin mansion

Me doing my thing!



Michelle said...

You almost make me want to start running... almost.

Tamie said...

you girls ARE awesome! sigh....i'm not sure that i'm marathon material though! ;-)

Rebecca said...

Hey, you have a blog too!!!:) Jess, you should add that you are the one to keep things fun and interesting! I'm already feeling out of shape. We definitely need to run soon.

bec portsmouth said...

well done jess,you make me laugh tho seeing all those naked bums haha!!xx

Lesley-Ann said...

Like Michelle you ALMOST make me want to run, but then i'm too old and most runners are small busted ;-) well done my darling Jessie, you are STAR and we love you XXX

lisalou said...

Well Done Jess!!! I admire you because I am the worlds worst runner, I'l stick to my mini trampoline I think!! x

Nate + Carlee said...

You are a rock star!!! I miss my shuffling partner. You look gorgeous!

Hutchins Family said...

Jess! you have a blog too! I love your post, the "forest riddled with squatting white bottoms" still makes me laugh out loud.

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