Monday, August 3, 2009

My Wilderness man.

Well, once again Ben got to go on an adventure that I am terribly jealous about. He and some other guys hiked Longs Peak. Longs peak is one of Colorado's talk ones peaking at a grand height of 14,259 feet! WOW! Ben said the hike was intense but the views and overall experience was amazing. They left town at midnight, began the hike at 2am in the morning and got home at 6 pm. I was fully prepared for Ben to be all pathetic and tired for the next few days but he wilderness body is resilient and he has felt great. Sadly, they did not summit as it had snowed the night before leaving behind icky ice which made the last 130 feet terribly dangerous, literally deathly dangerous. I am glad he didn't take the risk! But come on only 130 feet from the top, that is awesome.



Atkinsons said...

Beautiful! I agree with you I would be jealous too.

Debs said...

Wow! Dan's idea of heaven.

Amy said...

Wow! Those are amazing pictures!! That would be an awesome hike!!

Lesley-Ann said...

You need to go with Ben when he does that hike again Jess :-)

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