Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Fantastic Monday

Monday morning my dear friend, Elaine and I took our kiddos to the local fire station. It was really interesting. Jack and Ethan were really scared for the first 15 minutes or so. They got to touch all the gear, sit in the engines and wear Junior firefighter stickers. I even got to try on a gas mask. The kids couldn't, their necks are too weak. The mask was crazy, I felt like an evacuee from WW2.

For family night we went into the wilderness to have a camp BBQ with our friends. It was great, we were roughing it with my make shift hamburgers, good job we had hot dogs... Jack fell in the river! He never listens and evidently can't be trusted. It was scary but if he was going to fall into a river this was the one to do it; slow flow and shallow. He was really scared by the incident. I am hoping he will learn from this unfortunate event.



bec portsmouth said...

loving the photo of you in the mask jess hehe!!!

Lesley-Ann said...

Putting the mask on Jess looked like it silenced Jack for a few minutes ;-)

Cami and Juan said...

I can't believe he fell in the river! I am loving your photography skills.

Tamie said...

good times!!! and y'know the only picture that really turned out for me was the grasshopper one....funny.

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