Wednesday, July 29, 2009


And you might ask what on earth is "spelunking?" I too asked this question and found out that it is cave exploring. I imagined big open caves with perhaps a couple bats...I was wrong. The caves we visited were tiny cracks in the rock. We were crawling on our tummies, sliding over bodies, wedging our bodies in tiny tight spaces- it was terrifying yet exciting.

There was a section called the birth canal. Basically a tight hollow space between two cave walls perhaps 2 and a half feet wide. To pass this birth canal you wedge your body between the two wall in the fetus position suspended over a 25 foot drop. By drawing you arms and legs inward you drop and by pushing them outward to stop. Yes, I was terrified of course Ben thought it was the coolest thing ever.

The worst part was the second birth canal. This canal was so tight that you could only fit vertically. In other words there was a wall of rock in front of your face and one directly behind the back of your head. The space was tight, and yes it was a drop. I couldn't do this one, too sheepish.

It was an experience to remember and an added bonus was that we got to do it with Ben's cousin's Katy and Kyle. I love family:)

The Spelunking Crew doing the famous Carney thumbs up



Tamie said...

ok...well, i think that you are a better woman than i am. i could not have done that. i get claustrophobic...tight spaces are not for me....but it looks like you had tons o' fun!

Lesley-Ann said...

It sounds similar to pot holing above ground. I pot holed as a teenager and it was way scary and had I known how scary I wouldn't have done it, but there was no turning back and you certainly wouldn't get me doing that or spelunking. You looked like you have fun you crazy Carneys :-)

bec portsmouth said...

sounds like you have fun jess,i wouldn't of been that brave so well done,ive updated my blog loads make sure you check it out xx

Hayley said...

Jess I love that your so "outdoorsy" - we couldn't even get Beth to YW camp this year because she doesn't like "being outside" and "everything that goes with it!" Its so funny how you are so different! xx

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