Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jack stories

One day I walk out of the bathroom to find Jack wearing a pair of my underwear. He looks ridiculous. He notices that I have caught him up to his games and looks at me with a huge beaming smile and says, "these are cute mum!" HA!

The other afternoon I am reading to Jack a story about the woman who swallowed a pie (very similar to the rhyme "there was an old woman who swallowed a fly") anyway by the end of the story the woman was really fat and very full. I finish the book and Jack looks at me and says, "she's gonna need to poo!" He cracks me up. He sure understands the whole pooping thing.

Jack sure has some personality!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


And you might ask what on earth is "spelunking?" I too asked this question and found out that it is cave exploring. I imagined big open caves with perhaps a couple bats...I was wrong. The caves we visited were tiny cracks in the rock. We were crawling on our tummies, sliding over bodies, wedging our bodies in tiny tight spaces- it was terrifying yet exciting.

There was a section called the birth canal. Basically a tight hollow space between two cave walls perhaps 2 and a half feet wide. To pass this birth canal you wedge your body between the two wall in the fetus position suspended over a 25 foot drop. By drawing you arms and legs inward you drop and by pushing them outward to stop. Yes, I was terrified of course Ben thought it was the coolest thing ever.

The worst part was the second birth canal. This canal was so tight that you could only fit vertically. In other words there was a wall of rock in front of your face and one directly behind the back of your head. The space was tight, and yes it was a drop. I couldn't do this one, too sheepish.

It was an experience to remember and an added bonus was that we got to do it with Ben's cousin's Katy and Kyle. I love family:)

The Spelunking Crew doing the famous Carney thumbs up


Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Holiday!

To Utah:
Well, we stayed with my big brother, actually my only brother in lovely
Lehi, Utah. The short stay was cut even shorter as we were delayed due to Jack dislocating his elbow for the thrid time. This time it was a little more stressful. It happened at night, all the pediatricians were closed and apparently ER doctors are only good if blood is spouting everywhere and if it is considered "trauma."
I am not trying to dis the ER doctors because they do what they do well, but dislocated elbows is not their specialty; they tried on and off for several hours and our pediatrician doctor did it in 5 seconds. I LOVE pediatricians, especially ours:)

Sadly, we didn't have time to see all our family in Provo- miss you, Fowers and Sanchez (I love those guys) but we did get a chance to catch up with the delightful Tulett's. Oh, how I have missed Carlee's unique sense of humor and hatred toward multi-level marketing. Jack had a blast reconnecting with Reid, oh how big he is getting and Mr. Link what skinny studd.

Obviously, Jack had to spend some quality time on my brother's trampoline and trying to destroy Josh's meticulous train track designs while chasing cats- he's a multi-tasker. The pictures of Jack and Josh are adorable but I will confess that I was bribing them with pieces of my ice pop. They share a love, hate relationship. Possible scenario: they are playing nicely on the futon, Jack gets a little too cuddly (he likes other people's bellies; weird I know) Josh says "NO Jack," Jack ignores and pushes his belly into Josh, Josh shouts "NO!" They both begin to hit each other while yelling at the top of their voices, tears are shed parents intervene and they both tattle tale on each other. We take them outside to play. All is forgotten for five minutes until a similar scenario is created.

A word on our niece Rachael: She is so sweet! So chill. I loved holding her and seeing her face light up with a smile.

Then we nipped over to Jessica's house for a brief visit. Josselyn is possibly the cutest child ever born, I couldn't keep my eyes of her and Jaxon well he and Jack are one of a kind; mischievous, stubborn and handsome.

To Wyoming: Star Valley was our destination. BEAUTIFUL! If you have never been I highly recommend that you go and fall in love with the place. It's not hard, rather it's inevitable. It was the Carney family reunion. We stayed in a hexagonish cabin; very earthquake safe. The decor was a combination of American Indian children starring at you with quite depressed expressions and strawberries, an odd combo and did it work? I would have to say a big resounding ...... No it did not, it was kind of creepy but provided good conversation starters.

Apart from rafting the Snake river my favorite part of the reunion was being ridiculously tired, playing farkle and laughing hysterically about the "puss" that was seeping out of my mosquito bite on my ankle. I discovered that the word "puss" is not a word I shall be using much here in America as it is somewhat rude, quite rude actually. Whops. We laughed a lot that night.

Oh, me and the kiddo's saw a huge Elk bull, it was super close and they asked to pet it. We did not pet it.

And now a word on my sweet nephew SAM. I love him and he sure loves me. I tickled my way into his heart and now I am loving being his favorite aunt, I have got to love it while it lasts because lets be honest I have some tough competition. He has the sweetest voice and craziest hair. He is afraid of all bugs especially mosquitoes. All in all he cracks me up.

Idaho: I LOVE this place, even though I can hardly breath there due to allergies. So the place where I used to live is now the home of a pony, shocking!
We fished. It was scary because I had to wade in the water like a real fisherman, it was tricky. The pressure of the water was messing up my whole ten to two technique, oh I have so much to learn.

We canoed, saw a moose super close up, ate amazing tin foil dinners, went to wade lake and went swimming and caught crawdads, ate cake in celebration of Michelle turning thirty, Happy Birthday!, watched the kids run up and down a dirt hill, hung out with Ben's great friend Brett and his lovely family, watched an eagle watch us, went running, watched "Bear" at the IMAX theatre where a man was really mean and rude; he deserved a good pinch, ate delicious milkshakes...ummmm huckleberry, cousins shower and sat back and relaxed. Thanks to Benadryl I enjoyed it.

No matter how much fun you have on holiday it's always good to get home back in your own bed, this time it was no different.

Michelle captured this picture of us; I love it:)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend

Ben had a long weekend off from work and Jack and I have been loving it! It has been such a treat to have him around all day long. I hope he hasn't got sick of us.

Friday, we went on a hike and Jack practically jumped the whole way home. The kid can jump! Then Ben and I enjoyed the Rockies game- what a date! The game was fun, Ben filled me in on the rules and now I am a die hard Rockies fan, "Go Helton!" After the Game we watched a blasting firework display. Saturday began with a family run and swimming we then went to a BBQ, no two BBQ's, I know we are SO popular, and then fireworks at Ben's dad's house. Jack was very enthralled with the fireworks but nervous at the same time. As we were watching them he declared "it's amazing!" It was delightfully sweet.

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