Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. Jack


Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st family camping trip of 2009!

I have been harboring a little jealously towards Ben as he got to go on his family's traditional camping, fishing and rafting trip down the Gunison Gorge so we decided to kick start our camping for this year. Our destination was Glenwood Canyon, Avalanche creek campground. It was quite the drive for just one night of camping joy but it was well worth it.

As always this camping trip was done in classic Carney style, meaning we couldn't just camp at a normal camp ground, NO. The Campground Ben choose was off the main road along a rickety dirt road which had been ripped apart by mud slides, through a creek and into a wilderness of pristine beauty.

Jack was enthralled by everything Ben did. Ben put the tent up, Jack looked in wonder and called it our house. Ben looked for wood, Jack looked for wood. Ben broke wood, Jack broke wood. Ben started the fire, Jack tried to start the fire until I quickly intervened and gave him a lesson on fire safety, leaving Jack watching with wide eyes.

Jack slept like a gem. Ben and I slept great too, which was a treat as we have been sleep deprived due to Jack's toddler bed issues. Morning came, we were snuggled happily in our sleeping bags. After a morning fire and breakfast we packed up and began a day full of adventure.

A tiny hike up Avalanche Creek was great! Jack threw stones while Ben and I marveled as the our surroundings

Then off to Hay creek falls and an amazing view that will take your breath away.

We joined Glenwood Spring for their Starwberry days.Ate a lovely lunch and walked around a bunch of booths selling weird jewelry, jerky, art and fortune telling.

Hanging Lake was the last destination of the day and it was phenomenal. The hike was a little kick in the butt. It's not very long just 1.5 miles there but the catch is you basically deep lunge up boulders the entire time with brief breaks of crossing bridges. Ben was super man in a skinny body carrying our 30 pound Jack, who persistently wriggled from side to side and front to back. The lake was glorious and further up we found an impressive water fall and sprouting rock, which was basically water shooting out of a hole in the face of the mountain.

Don't you love how Jack is grabbing my boob in this photo! HA!

Well, it was a trip to remember. Jack was a gem until the ride home so who can complain and Ben, well he is my favorite person so I was tickled pink to have him by my side all weekend enjoying each other, our boy and the GREAT outdoors.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So Jack is in a Toddler Bed and its awful! He is now going to bed without too much fuss but he wakes up and gets scared or thinks its morning. I have tried putting one of those knobs on the door handle but he figure how to open that in about 5 seconds. Both Ben and I are exhausted, it is like having a newborn again as we are up every couple of hours putting him back to bed. If I stay in the bed with him he will fall asleep but I just feel like that is a bad habit and completely impractical. I need help, any suggestions? I want my good sleeper back.

Also, Jack has a really itching penis any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Football Player

I love this little guy to bits!
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