Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jack Attack is Two!

Yesterday was Jack's birthday, the big 2! I can't beleive he is two. He is such a little boy and no longer a baby. We had a lovely day. Some of my favorite moments were;

  • Seeing his face when he opened his pressents

  • Listening to him say "its my birthday" all day long

  • Playing with his new bowling pins all morning

  • Going on a nature walk with his buddies and throwing sticks in the water

  • Watching him blow out candles

  • Watching him stick his face in his cake

  • Seeing the excitement of having a bike

  • Asking him "how old are you?" and having him reply showing my two fingers saying, "five"

  • Going on a family run

  • Playing soccer or football

  • Morning Pressies

    Bowling all morning

    The Glorified Play date

    Cake Time, Jack's favorite time

    With our Two year old

    Jack is such a blessing in our lives.


    Benjamin said...

    As Jack pinches his nipple, Ethan in the background replies, "Dude, milk doesn't come out of ours', I've already tried."

    Lesley-Ann said...

    So did that really happen Ben or are you tell porkies? Can't believe Jack it 2 or was that 5! Time is going by too fast, can we slow down? well not for the next few months hey ;-)

    Michelle said...

    Yay Jack has the same bike as Rex's first one!
    And hilarious Ben. Rex once asked Mark if milk came out of his boobs, Mark was less than pleased.

    Tamie said...

    my oh my -- what a big boy! and the time does go by just soooo fast...blogging makes is easier :)

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