Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am 24!

Saturday was my Birthday and these are the words that sum it up:
beautiful, sunny, bread machine, cuddles, busy, playing, math, family, togetherness, busy, fish, lobsters, funny cards, hiking, wonder and happy. I had a lovely day and feel so blessed.

Ben, being the my funny husband got me two funny cards. One is a little risky but the other I shall share.

In case you can't see it says; So, this older couple at a nudist colony eating dinner when the wife says, "Dear I've got the worst case of HEARTBURN."

...On the inside it reads: "The husband says, "you don't have heartburn your boob's have fallen in your soup!"

I love it!


Lesley-Ann said...

Ben what are you like? I want to know what the other card said! Glad you had a lovely day Jess

bec portsmouth said...

i want to know what the other card says?glad you had a fab day x

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! Looks fun! It was stinking HOT here.

Tamie said...

where did you guys go on your hike?
what fun!

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