Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ben's Birthday!

Dearly beloved it's Ben's special day! Sad for my sweetheart, he didn't get home until 10:30pm last night and then Jack had a night terror and kept us up till 2am. this morning Jack woke himself up crying and continued crying until about 10am, this made the 40 minutes Ben spent at home before leaving for work painful and stressful. Sorry babe!

I thought in honor of my dearest I would share some of his year book photos with you all. Can you find Ben?

What a senior heart throb...

Some interesting facts about Ben

  • Ever since we moved to Colorado he has had the stinkiest toots on earth
  • He claims that I steal the covers each night but each morning there are more covers on his side- I don't get it
  • He has an awesome BBQ chicken recipe... you should make that sometime babe...
  • His food groups are: candy, jello and red meat
  • He rocks at Wii Rock Band
  • He loves a good steak cooked medium
  • He can sniff a twizzlers poll up his nose and out his mouth. Please don't ever ask him to do it, it's disgusting.
  • He is awesome at snowboarding and once started an avalanche while snowboarding in back country
  • He loves the cheesecake that his mom makes
  • He LOVES dried fruit, and when he eats too much has more stinky gas
  • He is addicted to the outdoors
  • He loves wasting time on google earth and google maps
  • His favorite American idol contestant is "Adam" (mine too)
  • When he finds something stupid funny he laughs in a silly way, I love it
  • He is super ticklish
  • He hates it when I touch his feet, especially when I touch his feet with my feet
  • He does great Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite impressions
  • He really appreciates good lyrics
  • He loves the 80's
  • In his younger years he was a toilet papering artist
  • He is an awesome dad
  • He plays a mean game of Skipbo
  • He is pretty much the most awesome guy ever!


Tamie said...

i am thinking more and more that we need to do some serious hang out time.....
haooy birthday ben! bummer that it wasn't the greatest, eh? :)
and well....maybe i'm re-thinking the hang out thing b/c ben is just so stinky :) j/k

Michelle said...

I remember each and every one of those yearbook photos! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE BROTHER!
A couple of things:
He has always had stinky toots
He isn't THAT awesome at snowboarding ;)
My mom makes cheesecake? Are we talking about the JELLO pre-made ones?
My favorite contestant is Adam as well!!
His foot fetish is odd
Does he remember the 80's?
He was a toilet papering artist, however he was horrible at NOT getting caught...
Good Skipbo playing runs in the family. Thanks Grandma Hall!

Mom said...

Love you Ben! In response to Michelle's comments....he has always had stinky toots, but Michelle has no room to talk...I think he IS an awesome snowboarder....My cheesecake is NOT the packaged jello kind. The only thing not from scratch is the Graham cracker crust and topping...the cheesecake is AWESOME!! I can't believe you don't remember that!.....My favorite contestent is Adam as well, although I really still like Gokey too....don't know where he got his foot fetish, I LOVE having my feet touched and especially massaged....I don't remember the 80's, they are a blur....he was definitely a toilet paper artist much to his mother's dismay!....his Skipbo prowess does come from Grandma Hall, but remember it was also passed down through his mother! Love you Ben, Jessica & Jack...can't wait to see you!

Lesley-Ann said...

We are sorry we didn't get to celebrate your birthday with you, but are excited to see you on Monday. Love Mum, Dad and Beth.

bec portsmouth said...

r jess you clearly love ben,i am so happy for you both xxx

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