Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potty Training Update

Well I have been at the potty training game for 8 days now and I have seen huge improvements. Sunday went surprisingly great. We just stayed with Jack in nursery and took him to the potty every twenty minutes and he went in the church toilet! He even did a poop in the toilet Sunday night at Grandma and Grandpa Carney's.
By Tuesday he was pretty good at going potty for "pee pee" with only one pee accident and one poop accident. Yesterday no accidents but he refrained from doing a poop. Today all pee's found their way to the potty and his only accident was a poop. He is quite unsure about pooping in the toilet and I have heard that this is quite common so I will continue forward.
Jack really likes privacy when doing his toilet business so I pop him on the toilet and say "let me know when you done" and leave. Jack will call me and I will go in to the bathroom to find him clapping his hands saying "Yay! Pee pee! reeses pieces?" I never though I would enjoy seeing pee in the toilet before.
I have been following a book that I downloaded from the internet and I highly recommend it, the website is: What I like about the site is it is practical advice on what actually works rather than child psychology theories. Most of what I read is common sense but it has been really nice to read it before embarking on this challenge. I have found it useful and it is working! Jack is really grasping the concept, each day he is better. I have taken him to the store and he went for a pee in the store rest room. Whenever I leave the house I just take a change of clothes just in case.
I never realized how draining potty training could be. I am exhausted and sick of being in a bathroom but I think it is a small sacrafice to pay to potty train Jack. 



Lesley-Ann said...

Well done guys Jessie and Jack ;-)
I really do believe with my experience (which may not amount to much as I only had 3 children) is that is about the parent not the child being ready for potty training. I think if the information you downloaded is the same that Kimmy used it states the same and that in actual fact children are ready to be potty trained before they are 2 (I'm not sure of the actual age) and that it is the parents that invariable aren't for what ever reason. Because I know as I did it 3 times a lot of time, energy and patience is needed to potty train and some parents circumstances and/or priorities just don’t allow for it. But I totally agree with you as hard as it is – IT IS WELL WORTH IT :-)

Debs said...

Well done Jess and Jack!! What progress!! You are very brave starting him so young - well done x

England Family said...

Jess, you are a wonderful mother. I am one of those mothers that is putting off potty training right now. My poor son! He tells me when to change his nappy! I just refuse to do it until the baby is here and we have moved! Good luck and well done!! I am proud of you!

Michelle said...

Yay for Jack! Can he come teach Sam for me?

Jessarella said...

That is so awesome Jess! I can't believe he is learning potty training already.You are going to be so happy when he gets it all figured out. It will definitely make all your efforts worth it. The thought of not having diapers to change all day? Oh my gosh I can't even imagine! Sometimes I feel like that is all I do!

Jennifer said...

Good for you guys. I would love to start really potty training Kate. She goes in the potty sometimes (like once or twice a week) but I haven't started really trying. I was interested in the website you found but was confused...did you pay to download the book?

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