Saturday, February 21, 2009

He's up when I'm down and stuff

It's amazing how Ben is always there for me. It's ironic that right after I wrote my "Happiness" post I have had a tough time. Nothing awful has happened just a head cold, a sick kid and too little sleep which made everything dreary. Yesterday, Ben was so great and up beat about life and all we have and especially about Jack. He was a source of strength. It's funny how every time I am feeling down in the dumps Ben is feeling the opposite and fuels me with goodness.

Ben and I team teach 6 year olds at church and today we had a little party at our place. Four boys and one girl. It was intense. One of the parents commented that we were brave but really we were just naive. Although there was oodles of energy we had a great time and after two hours I was left feeling exhausted and glad that I don't have octuplets.

Funny Jackisum: He has decided that a drink is called "aringa," he can say drink just chooses to say "aringa." Jack was too cute in the tub today.

So I found an old friend off facebook. We went to high school together and played opposite each other in several high school musicals. Well his love for songwriting is blooming, check out his songs at: My favorites are "skinny Jeans," "lead balloon" and "I don't mind."


Michelle said...

You can tell by Jack's red and snotty face he has been sick, poor guy! I am having one of those parties for my 9 year olds next Saturday, we are required to have one! Should be interesting, I also have 6. Call us tomorrow, we may have an opportunity that could possibly bring us to Denver for a few years... maybe.

Lesley-Ann said...

Hope you feeling better, love the pictures of Jack in the bath x

Nate + Carlee said...

So sorry Jack has been sick! We had a really rough week last week too...I gave Reid a laxative because he hadn't pooped in almost a week, and it was awful. Let's just say it was poopfest 2009 all over my house. Yuck. Miss ya!

Hayley said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! Its good when you have someone who can give you that extra pick-me-up when you need it. I'm glad Josh is like Ben in that area. Thank goodness he has more patience than I do! xx

Tamie said...

i'm going to agree with you and say that you were naive about the class party----especially since you only had one girl out of the whole lot of boys to (hopefully) calm things down----but now you know, eh?
hubby's are good at being there, eh? lucky jess!

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