Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I heard the bells on Christmas day...

Our Christmas Festivities started off on the Eve of Christmas. We went to the mall and rode the Christmas train - Jack LOVED it and screamed as we left. We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas buffet prepared by Liz, Ben's Dad's wife. Jack went to sleep, Ahhh, and Ben and I read the simple account of our Savior Christ's birth. After drinking sparkling cider we fell asleep in a snuggle while watching "It's a wonderful life."

7am and Jack wakes up! He has no idea that it was any different than any other day. He eats breakfast and then began the stimulation overload... Stockings were opened. He got bubbles which brought great joy, roughly 10 or more minutes was dedicated to blowing bubbles into his face. He got silly string, again he loved it and we sprayed him for another ten minutes. Then the whoopee cushion came, it freaked him out! Jack was thoroughly spoiled by his grandparents, he loved ripping off the wrapping paper and the moment he opened a gift that has anything to do with Thomas the tank engine he lost interest in everything else.

9am we went over to Ben's Dad's for breakfast and pressies. Jack had a blast with all the commotion. He loves his new aunts and uncle. Finally Jack got his very own Thomas the tank engine track and train from Grandpa - he was in heaven, although he was more interested in watching the train roll under the coach than along the track. We went back home for a well needed nap and returned again for dinner.

Jack's funny Christmas Faces

I am amazed at how Christmas has changed. When I was little it was so magical and now it has taken the form of a spiritual awakening. Listening to the pitter patter of reindeer on the roof and a tip toeing Santa has been replaced by listening to the spirit of God urging me to perform acts of kindness, love and charity. The last few years have been financially challenging and as a result Ben and I have not bought gifts for each other. Not having a pile of gifts to distract my attention has allowed me to dwell on why we have presents. It is interesting that Christmas is a celebration of Christ birth so it's his Birthday and yet we celebrate his birthday by rewarding ourselves with gifts. This Christmas I have pondered on what is most important about Christmas and I have concluded that "Christ" is the center and reason for this celebration. I decided that I would give Christ a gift, the gift of patience, this is a trait that I dearly want and know that with the help from my savior I will slowly acquire it. I now look at Christmas as a time to renew my covenants with Christ, strengthen my relationship with HIm, my husband and family and to do good will to all. It is amazing how the challenges that we pass through generate personal growth and a new perspective that brightens the path ahead.



Michelle said...

Fun stuff! We miss you guys but are glad for your new experience! My kids have that drum set thing, beware it gets LOUD!

The Brownings said...

I'm glad you had a nice Xmas! Super cute family pic of you guys :>

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