Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jack is 18 months old...

Dear Jack,

you are my pride and joy! It has been 18 months since I was laying on a hospital bed impatiently waiting for you to come into this world. You have grown tremendously in weight and in intellect. You are known for you wobbliness and flexible limbs and some even call you "gumby."

Yesterday you did the sweetest thing: we were cooking together (making peanut butter cookies) and you were having a blast pouring the sugar in and mixing it with the electric mixer. Suddenly you stooped and turned to me, reached up and kissed me and sweetly said "i ove ou" my world stood still for a moment, these are the moments that define my world.

Your vocabulary is exploding! You love the book "In The Beginning" your favourite thing is to point out the sun, moon, flowers, trees, snake, fish and birds. Today in the bath you were interested in your anatomical features and I told you that certain areas are "private parts" and then you giggled and said while pointing "ivat part?"

You love Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder. You enjoy throwing your body around in circles as you listen to Bob the Builder's theme tune. Every time a train comes by our house your eyes explode with excitement and you run to the red camping chair, climb it and point to the train yelling "cho cho...cho cho."

When you are tired your thumb immediately shoots in your mouth and the other hand holds you belly button and if I am around you will try to touch my belly button; I'm not sure how we are going to break this habit.

Recently, your Daddy has been really busy with school and you have missed him. the last few days you have woken up from your nap or seen an item of dad's clothing and asked "where's dad?" I have told you that he is at work or school. Each time you would look at me with total disbelief and run into our bedroom in search for daddy. You looked under the covers, in the pillow cases, in the closet and under the bed. After realizing that I was right you were persistent on laying on dad's side of the bed while we read books together. You really love your Dad!

You have a habit of accidentally on purpose dropping water either on the floor or on your highchair tray. Food time is often your favorite time and can also be a very messy event. You are just like me with your love of fruit- you eat tons of it! You love cereal, yogurt, toast, raisins and lots of cheese.

Your favorite friend is Reid. You guys have a love/hate relationship. You play beautifully sometimes and other times you scream and shriek at each other. Often your disagreements are caused by an inability to share- You are not very good at this but we are working on it.

You love to sing songs and are learning to count. When I ask you "how old are you?" you put one finger up and say "two" or "four." You LOVE playing hide and seek with daddy. He always makes you jump and giggle. You love to climb on our backs and ride us like horses, you even ride without holding on- dare devil!

I love you so much Jack. Please forgive my imperfections for I have many. Being your mother is a privilege. I can't believe how fast you are growing. You are so precious.

I love you with my whole heart,

Mum x x

P.S I love your smile, it's so cheeky!


Lesley-Ann said...

What a beautiful post Jess, you made me smile, laugh and cry. x

SoccerMan said...

Cool one Jack! but what about 'demolition time'? that's what i loved!... Josh, not so much! ;)

Michelle said...

He is so cute! It makes me sad knowing you will be father away next year and I will have even less time to spend with him. :( Aren't daddies the best!

Amy said...

What a wonderful post Jess!! Thanks for sharing-Dustin's mom wrote him letters sort of like this each year, which I treasure now. I hope to do it with my children.

Nate + Carlee said...

awwww. Jack is Reid's favorite friend too...even though they are more like siblings sometimes! It just means that they are comfortable with each other... and maybe that they are bad sharers too. We are sure going to miss that little guy! Who else is going to teach Reid how to dance?!

Lisa said...

Beautiful, Jess. :)

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