Friday, October 31, 2008

God sends blessing when I prioritize the right things in life...

The week my mum and sister were in town was the week I had my midterm for my only on-campus class "Somatics." For those of you thinking "what the heck is Somatics?" it is a class that uses anatomy and kinesiology principles in determining the most efficient and expressive muscular pathways when moving. It is a really interesting class that challenges my intellect and my movement abilities. I find the stuff in this class really applicable to dance and most importantly in everyday life.

So, being a super busy week with my family here and Jack being super sick there was little time to commit to my midterm. I felt like that week was a test from my Heavenly Father. I kept praying that I would use my time wisely. Constantly I was presented with choices, priorities to make. I truly believe that my hard work though out the semester thus far and putting my role as a mother and my family first really blessed me in this situation.

When I handed in my midterm paper I felt uneasy as I had proof read it while Jack performed a tantalizing tantrum producing sounds decibels higher than the Eiffel tower. I thought I just have to pass, right now education is not my priority and the blessings received from motherhood and marriage far out way any "A" my paper could receive. Well, today my teacher returned the papers. I was really nervous. She gave a speech about how "C" is average and that we shouldn't be angry if we get average. As I sat there I kept repeating to myself "eternal rewards bring joy not an A on a paper."

Well, I was gob smacked when I saw the grade I had received, I did GREAT! I couldn't have imagined a better grade. As I looked at my grade my eyes filled with tears and a huge smile crept across my face and with a silent prayer I thanked my Father in Heaven. Through the love and power of God I found time to vocalize my understanding of the principles I have learnt in my class in an articulate and clear manner using specific examples which resulted in a great paper.

This experience is a testament to me that God lives and that when we prioritize the right things our righteous desires will be granted. I am constantly reminded that alone I am nothing but with the help of God I can achieve greatness!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They came, shopped, had fun, got sick, got better then left...

Well the whirlwind has come and gone. My mum and sister spent a couple weeks here is beautiful Utah. It was really lovely to have them close by even though it was so short. We shopped, of course we shopped my mum is a shopaholic and I am grateful because she used her love of shopping to buy Jack new clothes. This was really great for Jack as he was still sporting short sleeves in the fall weather. As I think about it, Ben and I have bought probably 10 items of clothing in total since Jack was born. I had an awesome baby shower (thanks Cheryl) and mine and Ben's parents have always shown such generosity in helping us out with Jack. Thank-you all for your kindness. So, I guess what I am trying to say Jack's cute clothes has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the love of his grandparents.

Anyways, my mum and sis stayed over at our place the weekend Ben went hunting for a trophy Deer but came within 20 feet of an enormous cougar and 10 feet from an intrigued bobcat. YIZZER! My man is now officially a mountain man. Ben called right after he had seen the cougar and I was at a Relief Society meeting but my mum said his voice radiated a giddy nervousness. I am so glad that the cougar had no interest in Ben other than getting away from him. PHEW.

I was so blessed to have my mum close by on Sunday night. Ben was driving home from hunting and Jack had a night terror. He has had these before but always when Ben has been around. I was really tired and after an hour of Jack screaming and thrashing his body I needed help. It was so nice to know that I could call my mum and know that I would not be waking her up and even nicer was the fact that she could jump in the car and come to save me. For those of you have have a mum close by cherish it.

Sadly, Jack got a stinking tummy bug where he christened every part of the apartment with vomit and diarrhea, yes it was yummy- UGH! As Jack loved his Mama(my mum) and Auntie Beth so much he decided to give them the bug. They got pretty sick due to their royal British blood being exposed to American germs, what can I say they're purebred.

Well, I took my family on a lovey hike up Provo canyon. The leaves were luscious with color and radiated the beauty of change. I did a photo shoot of my beuatiful sister: she is a stunner even if her nose is big (check out my photography blog to see her). Being the game playing sort of family we played pictionary. Pictionary introduced us to Beth's classic drawings which none of us could could interpret but they were great subjects of laughter. Ben took us all shooting and my mum and sister shot guns and felt superior to all of England as no one can own guns in England-haha, we have three under the bed. Beth and I had our usually disagreement about "burping." She embraces burping like the desert yearns for water and I on the other hand detest burping, to me they might as well be named "mouth farts" and my argument is who wants to kiss a mouth that has just farted? not me! To settle our disagrement we pulled faces for about half an hour and laughted at how silly we are.

I was sad to see my family go but it had to happen so I put on a smiling face and bid them farewell till the next lovely occasion when we shall share stories, laugh and create more glorious memories.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disappointed by road rage

I was at BYU today and as I rolled into the drop off point where there are some 15 minutes parking spots I had to come to a halt. Two yellow school buses were loading handicapped and disabled people. Due to frequent usage there was quickly a line of cars waiting for the buses to load and move out. Now if someone (meaning a good little BYU student) had seen this as they were walking by they might think "oh, that so nice that those people got to go on a field trip" or "it's so kind of those people to organize such fun events for their students." Sadly, the people that I was surrounded by were in cars. It seems that if you are in a car you have the right to let go of all you self discipline and express emotions that are usually completely inappropriate and rude.

It was so sad to watch the helper ladies try to get the wheelchairs on to the bus as fast as possible. I could just see their eyes widen with embarrassment as a dozen cars starred frustrated expressions their way. In side the cars people are huffing, rolling their eyes and cussing under their breath! I just couldn't understand why this behaviour is acceptable when behind the wheel of the car. Then cars began pushing forward to attempt a squeeze past the bus- come on you could cause an accident! Then the honking began. I am really sensitive to honking. It is such a harsh intense sound. I felt so bad for these people on the buses they were just trying to go home after a lovely activity.

This experience has reminded me to always bridle my emotions and seek to always display self discipline. I know sometimes, actually it seems that most of the time I am in a rush but is it really going to matter if I am are 15 minutes late every once in a while? NO. I was really upset that I had to witness such contention that would never have manifested itself if those people were not encased within their car. Road rage is wrong! It is just an excuse to let go of emotion. It really disappoints me to see others act immaturely and selfishly behind the wheel of a car. It seems to me that when driving we should demonstrate our up most ability to show kindness and make rational choices, after all people in cars create accidents that kill other people every day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some exciting adventures...

Two weeks ago we took a spur of the moment trip up to Twin Falls Idaho to spend time with family and enjoy listening to the prophets counsel. It really was a well needed break. Ben has been working so hard lately with school and work. He is such an amazing example of hardworking and perseverance. Ever since I have known him I have had the desire to work harder and as a result I have achieved so much more.

We really just hung out with Ben's mom, step dad and Grandpa. Mom and I made some amazing Jam, picked fruit, we all ate apple pie and Chinese, played Pictionary the most awesome game ever and laughed a lot. One of my favorite things to do when we visit family is just sit on mom's bed late at night and chat. There is nothing better than just conversing with the ones you love. I always feel happier after being with family.

For a ward playgroup a bunch of mum's with their little ones went to a pumpkin patch. We took a hayride and ran around after the kids while trying to pick pumpkins. I told Jack he could pick his own pumpkin and he did it by bouncing his bottom on a specific pumpkin. He has such a blast running around with all the other kids. Jack is such a sociable character.

This past weekend my mum and sister came into town. I was really excited to see them. My sister Beth is a proper teenager now and its really weird. Every time I see her it seems like she has grown a couple inches and looks older and older. I really miss being around her. Although as sisters under the same roof we had our fair share of disagreements we really had some good times. I have endless memories of us laughing and laughing so much that we would forget what triggered the laughter in the first place. I am so blessed to have a sister.

Yesterday, we took a trip to the corn maze at Thanksgiving Point and had a wail of a time. It was Jack and mines first time in a corn maze and I have to admit that we cheated. There was so many fun things to do, we could have spent a whole afternoon there. We went to the Princess Pumpkins storytelling time and Jack got his picture taken with the princess, he was so funny.

Jack now officially says "thank-you" and "I love you" or in his words "ank-ou" and "a-ov-ou".


Friday, October 3, 2008

Where was I seven years ago....

As I was driving a couple days ago my mind began to think...the car and the shower is where most of my thinking takes place... and I thought about how my life in England seems like a life time ago. Seven years ago I was 16 years old and attending Hind Leys Community College. My life was busy. I have always been an over loader, filling every minute of every day with activities. As a 16 year old I was at school full time, had morning seminary three days a week and two evening classes, I danced 6-8 hours a week out of school, was involved multiple musicals, worked as a gymnastics instructor, rode horses, mucked out stables and hung out with my family. Amongst all the hustle and bustle I managed to have dinner with my family nearly every night and what a blessing that was.

I remember being 16 and just wishing I was old enough to leave my school and move to America to attend BYU. I have always loved the performing arts but my last few years at school I found my standards were constantly being attacked and as strengthening at it was I was ready for a rest. I always kind of felt like a fish out of water in my school. I had some really wonderful friends who taught me a lot but it was hard to really nurture those friendships without compromising my standards.

It is so strange that just seven years ago I was a clueless girl waiting for adventure. I really believed that I would go to America and end up on Broadway, I didn't dream it, I really thought it would happen. Broadway is still amazing but it is not in my present plan of happiness. I came to American in search of stardom and in return I found myself, a more precious gift. I have discovered the importance of life lies in the people you love not in things or in dreams. I have a wonderful husband who treats me with respect and honors my strengths and abilities. I now am a mother who every day gets the job to nurture God's child. Isn't it crazy the way the things just work out?

Although my life in England seems so far away it is a part of who I am today. I hope I will never forget my heritage, my experiences and the things that I love most about my first home. I plan to heed the counsel of President Monson and live for today so that I will have memories tomorrow.

I wonder where I will be in seven years...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Prayers and Becoming Better

Jack has really taken to folding his arms and attempting reverence for prayer time; it is so sweet and adorable. It's amazing how his small, sweet example reminds me to do better and be better. An interesting thing was said by a new father in our ward last week, he said that he wants to be better because his children deserve better. I agree. I want to be better because Jack deserves the best and I need to always strive to be the best I can. I try to not do this by comparing myself to others because this just leaves me feeling inadequate. Instead, I just compare myself to myself. By comparing myself to how I was yesterday and analysing what I can improve upon and how I have grown I will get a little better each day.
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