Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Filmstrip of events...

For our anniversary Ben and I went on a beautiful walk up the south fork of the Provo river. As we were walking along the path Ben noticed a road 30 feet above us and mentioned it. Due to the curious nature of Ben we climbed our way through the brush up to the new road. After following it for a short while a huge, glorious meadow appeared; it was breath taking! We walked through the meadow and can to the end, which happened to be a tiny animal trail down the side of the mountain. Well of course we slide our way through the trees and stones. It was quite entertaining, both Ben and I slipped and almost ate it several times.

The other day I decided to try a diaper on and discovered that it made a great helmet, so we all wore diapers and giggled about how silly we looked. I personally think they were quite comfy.

Jack really has developed a very strong will and Ben and I are presently trying to understand how we can best channel his stubbornness into goodness.

The other day Jack said "mummy," he never says my name so this was really special for me.

I am learning so much from the twists and turns that fill my life. Oh, what goodness fills my life.


Michelle said...

Sounds like Ben. Both the mountain and Jack's stubborness!!!! Good luck with that!

Lisa said...

Like the diaper heads. Nice, very nice. :)

On the strong willed bit, distraction works wonders when toddlers are headed the way you don't want them to go. It's saved much frustration in our house...mostly on the parent's part.

Lesley-Ann said...

You do look like a silly bunch, but what fun.

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