Saturday, August 30, 2008

A visit from Grandpa and hiking to Silver Lake

Ben's Dad came into town on Wednesday. Jack had a great time playing with his Grandpa, he especially loved it when Grandpa threw him on the coach, let's say there were lots of giggles. Ben's Dad is always so kind and generous and this time was no exception, his generosity and love blesses our lives greatly.

Thursday morning Ben and his Dad took a good father-son fishing trip. They had a blast!

The Game

Grandpa and Jack

Father and Son

This morning Ben, Jack and I headed off to American Fork Canyon to embark on a hiking trip to Silver Lake. Ben has been wanting to do this hike for awhile; he spends his free time surfing the Internet for hiking blogs and finding trails on google earth. It was pretty warn this morning, the beating sun didn't help us climb the trail. We had a good pace going and only stopped a few times. When we reached the lake our backs were soaked with sweat! I know it's gross.

Jack absolutely loves the outdoors, when he is outside in the wilderness he is in his element. Today the rocks seemed especially interesting to Jack. He kept finding rocks in the mud and washing them up in the lake water. Jack also got a chance to fish with Ben, it was so adorable to watch them being all father and son. I attempted to fly fish but all I can say is it is harder than it looks. Ben said I need to work on the rhythm of my cast, but it's so difficult!

What a sight

Amazing Fisherman

Daddy and Jack

Thinking what rock to pick

Messy eater

searching for rocks

I can't believe he fell asleep

Still asleep!

Fishing together

Little Brook Trout

What an adventure!


Lesley-Ann said...

Love the photos especially the ones of Jack :)

Debs said...

What beautiful places you get to discover - Dan & I would love hiking and seeing the views. Great photos.

Michelle said...

Fun!!! You guys are so adventurous! We always have good ideas, but when it comes to executing them, we aren't so great. Mark loves the picture of the brook trout.

Teagan said...

what a GREAT adventure! I love how he was so content sleeping on daddy's back.
miss you guys...

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