Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update on JmanJack!

Everyday I am entertained by Jack. He is interested in everything. I am currently teaching him some simple signs to help with communication and to teach manners. Jack almost always sign's please when he wants something. The sign for please is gently rubbing a circle with one hand on the upper chest. Jack performs this signs by itching his chest; I love it. Before eating a meal I ask Jack to pray with me, instead of folding his arms which is a little tricky I hold out my hands and wait for him to hold them. Lately, he has not been very interested in praying. The other day I sat there waiting for him to hold my hands for the prayer, he scowled at and dramatically threw his hands into mine and laid his head on the table, I could hardly hold back my laughter.

Jack loves being naked. Jack loves to dance. We have dancing time most days. As soon as I put the music on his knees begin to bop and his neck sways from side to side. He loves to hold my hands and run around in circles to music.
I gave Jack a key chain of mine, it's of the little mermaid (Ben wasn't impressed with my gift), there is a button on the key chain and when pressed the little mermaid song plays. To keep Jack occupied on our runs he plays it constantly and sings along. Broadway Star!

Recently, I bought a kiddies toilet seat. I am not potty training Jack just yet but I want him to be familiar with the toilet, plus I detest Poopie diapers. I have been putting him on the toilet after he wakes up and before bath time. So far he has pee'd three times and pooped once.
Although being a mother involves many monotonous tasks it offers opportunities to watch God's children discover the world. I feel privileged to be the one at Jack's side as he explores his environment and develops his character. Each day with Jack I learn more about God and His eternal plan.


Lesley-Ann said...

What a lovely post, Jack is so funny and so stinky cute. And pooping on the loo is incredible, go Jack.

Kimberly Presbury said...

He is such a cutie! Well done for introducing him to the toilet sooner than later. Having Joshua potty trained is such a huge success and achievement for both of us. Definatley rewarding in many ways.

Luke and Angie Olson said...

You'll have to show Jack's fiancee this post someday- it'll be utterly embarrasing :) I can't believe you've gotten him to use the potty- how old is he anyway??

Debs said...

Oh Jess, he is SO gorgeous!! he seems like such a little character....the days pass so quickly don't they?

The Brownings said...

That is awesome that Jack is familiar with the potty! I couldn't imagine trying to put Jase on there! I wonder what he would do! Hooray Jack!!!

Nate & Carlee said...

love the picture of him smiling on the potty. Like mother like son I guess, right? Just kidding.

Ashley said...

I agree that he is such a cutie and that it is amazing that he is going on the potty already. Even if he isn't trained for awhile it will help a lot that he's not afraid of it. I did love that Ariel key chain, too. :)

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