Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Independence Day!

Ben likes to refer to this day as my countries national Looser Day! We both crack up about it. It is funny because the only education I gained about the American Revolution was from the movie The Patriot. Although,when I came to America it didn't take long to be further educated on this certain matter. In the years past I have had a hard time loving the 4th of July but now that I am a permanent resident of America and have a child I am beginning to love it. I think it is inspiring that men laid down their lives to ensure the freedom of those that live here in America. I makes me what to ensure that it stays that way. It also makes me think about the freedom the gospel of Jesus Christ gives me and all the sacrifices of the early saints. I want to make sure that Jack learns what Independence Day symbolizes and hopefully amongst the BBQ's and fireworks he can love this holiday for the gift of Freedom it brings.

Early in the morning we went to the ballon festival which was AWESOME! I have never seen so many hot air ballons then later we went to the parade with the Tullets and saw Big Budah (a news anchor who Ben and I watch every week day).

A few balloons

We were very lucky to share this holiday with Ben's sister Michelle, her husband Mark and their adorable kiddo's Rex and Sam. We went over to our friends home, the Fowers for a BBQ, games and fireworks and then all squished in our little two bedroom apartment for the night. Saturday morning the boys went fishing and had a great time while Michelle, the kids and I went to the Provo festival. That afternoon Jack, Sam and Reid (Jack's BBF) played in the $7 Kmart pool extravaganza. It was hysterical to watch Sam's diaper hang from his little butt, I swear he must have developed some extra leg muscles to carry it around.

Sam: Diaper Free and drinking the water

Jack getting squirted

It was wonderful to watch the kids play together. Sam is such a sweetie and Rex amazes me: he is so smart! It was really fun to have the Weymouths stay with us and wish it could be a common occurrence.



Lesley-Ann said...

Happy times enjoy them :) I love the picture of Jack being squirted and the of him and Sam in the Bath.

Michelle said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for posting these. The boys love you guys so much, I wish you were moving by us but maybe some day right! ;) Thanks for having us. Sam keeps pointing to your family picture here at dad's and saying, "Jack!", only it sounds like, "Dack!"

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Fun fun! I'm jealous you got to go to the hot air balloon launch, I have always loved going to those! Jack is so cute getting squirted with water.

Luke and Angie Olson said...

Jess, I love to hear your view on Independance day. It's great to have a reminder of the significance of it. Thanks!

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