Friday, June 6, 2008

Wales is full of rolling hills and bushy sheep with dog tails!

Friday morning we (my mum, dad, beth, jack, I and my grandparents) left the house at 9:30am and began our journey to sunny Wales. We met Ben there, he caught a train from London to Chester. We couldn't have asked for better weather; it was glorious sunshine.
Our temporary abode was a small rustic converted barn with charming decor and a hot tub. The hot tub was definitely a wonderful bonus, it made relaxing so easy.

The converted Barn

The converted barn and us!

One of the adorable hound puppies at the barn

On the Saturday we visited Snowdon which is the largest mountain in England and Wales. It's not big compared to the Rockies but it is majestic and beautiful in many ways. This part of Wales offers a whole new view and feel to the United Kingdom. Life flows a little slower but filled with hospitality and generosity. We had lunch in a town favorite diner Pete's Lunch then Ben and I carried Jack up to the ruins of Dolbadarn Castle. As we walked up the twirling staircase my mind wandered, trying to picture the castle alive in all it's glory. I am fascinated by old castles and mansions, just thinking who has walked the same stairs is thrilling.


Ben and Jack

View from the tower

Me with my wonderful grandparents

Jack asleep on the train ride up the mountain

Me with my fav little boy on Snowdon

Ben and Jack at Snowdon

A beautiful view

Looking down from Snowdon

On our journey's to and from our little place of stay my Grannie, who grew up in Wales, feed our ear's appetites with stories about our ancestors. I am privileged to say I am a quarter Welsh, if only I could speak the bizarre language.
Sunday we attended Church. I just love the fact that any ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, teaches the same principles of the gospel; I find this very comforting. Of course each ward has a different character that reflects it's members but the love for Jesus Christ and each other is vibrant.
We visited another castle, a beautiful church, Liverpool and enjoyed several beautiful walks in the glorious countryside. On a particular walk I took with Ben, we climbed over a pig sty into a field with Cows. I nervously asked Ben if he was confident walking through this field hoping that he would suggest a retreat. He did not, instead he walked boldly into the field of Cows. I must admit I am rather embarrassed but I was terribly nervous because when I was 15 my friend and I were chased by bulls. Picture this: Ben walking forward, with me dangling behind, toward the next pig sty. About 20 cows turn and look with a eagerness and begin to walk toward us. By this time I really wanted to scram but Ben kept saying they are not going to harm us. In the end I pooped over a fence to watch Ben mingle with the cows urging him to join me.

Ben with his friendly Cow chums

Ben, jack and the swarm of Pigeons in Liverpool

At the Liverpool Docks



Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you guys are having such a great time. I just finished reading Sense and Sensibility and every time I read a Jane Austen novel, I think of the English countryside and try and imagine what it was like back then. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Nate & Carlee said...

You pooped over a fence? Sounds tough.

Lisa said...

It looks like you're all having such a great time. You won't want to come back to Utah!

Also, thanks for your support. It means a lot to me.

More good news: I found you a sewing machine!

Jessica said...

Oh carlee I mean't popped! Opps.

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

COWS! Haha, I love cows :). Very charming barn. The mountain views are beautiful! -L

Cami said...

I love your bag, very stylish.

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