Thursday, June 26, 2008

Picnic, Fishing and a Rattle Snake!

We decided to go on yet another adventure. This time, Diamond Fork Canyon was our chosen spot. We first explored a new road that lead to the river 6th water. Ben had fished this river the previous week and wrestled with trees and boulders plus he found several fresh cougar footprints (oh, how he makes me nervous). We drove to the river further up where it was a little more safe and less cougar country.

The scenery was beautiful and the weather- very hot! We found a spot and ate our fried chicken and potato salad as the locus serenaded us (eek!) As we were driving to a spot to check out the fishing Ben's trained eye saw a snake! Of course we had to reverse, stop the car and get out to inspect. To our excitement it was a baby rattle snake. He was a firstly little fellow. Ben really loves snakes (I don't know why) and I defiantly have a respect for them. They really aren't that dangerous if you are educated and don't bother them. We enjoy admiring them. On a side note, that night I did dream that there was a rattle snake in the bed. I woke up asking Ben to get the snake out of the bed! I guess this proves I am a little scared of snakes after all.

After our encounter with the rattler we found a pleasant spot to fish. Jack got so excited when Ben would catch a fish. Each time Ben pulled in a fish Jack walked over and looked at it earnestly and patted it with his stubby fingers. I love my boy! It amazes me how interested Jack is with wildlife. This is a great reminder that I need to open my eyes more often to discover new things.

Mr. Adventure

Ssssss...Baby Rattle Snake



Brandon and Lindsey B said...

How fun that Jack wasn't scared of the fish! I am completely freaked out by fish and always make whoever I fish with grab it and throw it back in.

Cami said...

A baby rattle snake! You are more brave than I am. Was Jack afraid of the snake?

Lesley-Ann said...

Sounds like fun apart from the snake, I am impressed with your knowledge of snakes though my dear Jessie, you must be taking note of what your hubby is telling you ;-)

Benjamin said...

yo mum, whats that supposed to mean?

Lesley-Ann said...

It means that Jess learning from you and your knowledge of snakes. Which is good because she respects them, so is less likely to be hurt by one, get my drift?

Lisa said...

I would have to pass on the snake bit if it involved a rattler. I've been known to chase Garter snakes but I like to give the rest a wide berth...just like bears. ;)

Michelle said...

Ben should accompany me to Girl's Camp the end of the month. We are headed to a camp that we just found out is in Rattlesnake country and it's during peak Rattlesnake season.

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