Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's tag time

Four places I go over and over

The Kitchen

Carlee Tullets House

To Church

The Park

Four people who e-mail me regularly

My mum (with forwards, HA)


Family Fun Magazine

Coupon people

Four places I would rather be right now

With my husband

On a family vacation

In a dance class

On the top a mountain

Four people I talk to on a regular basis

My husband


My mum

Carlee Tullet

Four favorite places to eat

Chef's Table

Ruby river

Arctic Circle drive through for an order of Banana cream shake yummy!

At a camp fire: tin foil dinners ROCK

Four shows I watch over and over

Pride and Prejudice

Little Women

Mona Lisa Smile

A River Runs Through It

Four people I tag

My mum

My sister in Laws

Carlee Tullet

Lindsey Bullock


Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Oh boy, I guess since I have now been tagged twice by separate people (Kiersten!) I will cave and share with you just how boring my life is...

PS thanks for the ice cream Jessica, it was yummy!

Lesley-Ann said...

I'm glad to see i'm being featured a fair amount here :-) Oh and when was the last I sent you a forward missy?

Michelle said...

I haven't checked your blog forever, I love all the new pics. Rex just saw it and said, "I am going to Ben's house this weekend and I am going to give him a luv!" AWWWWW

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