Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!

This saying defines my dad:

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

Ben, Jack and I returned back to our little two bedroom apartment in Provo Utah, a couple days ago after a lovely stay in England. Being back in my home country awakens my mind with many childhood memories. My dad has always been a prominent part of my life, leading the way by example. He is an example of strength, always overcoming adversity, offering love and advice. I am so thrilled that Jack got to get to know him these last three weeks. Those two were defiantly kindred spirits, Jack would have played all day in my dad's office if we'd let him.

At the age of 9 I remember our school was having a fancy hat competition. I asked my dad to help me with the design. He created this elaborate and amazing hat, I though it was too good and said it would attract too much attention, I left it at home. He could have been mad or frustrated but he lovingly supported me. I remember going to school and realized that my hat was really amazing and could have won. I am thankful for my dad. We made our dreams of ward musicals a reality along with the faith and dedication of the ward members. On the night before my wedding my dad stayed up late redecorating the balloon decorations because I had been dramatic and passed a comment that there was too much pink. As a young girl he would walk me to school as I held his thumb in my hand trying to recite spellings or maths timetables. My dad's always been at the crossroads in my life.

I love you Dad! Thank-you for all you have done and continue to do for my happiness. You generate determination and truth. Your actions have taught me great lessons that will last a life time. I had a wonderful time in England and already miss you!


Steve said...

Thank you Jess, you are such a sweetie; you and I have always been able to have lots of fun and laughter together, I am honored to have you as my daughter and very proud of you. I have always called you My Little Princess, because that is what you are – you are a bright light that brings brightness to all you meet, just like a real princess. It was wonderful to have you, Ben and Jack with us, we loved every minute and miss you all now that you gone. I miss the Little Man peering around my office door playing ‘Peepo’, please give him a big hug from his Pop’s.

The Gorrells said...

Yay! You're home!

Michelle said...

That's so sweet! Your dad does seem like a great guy! I didn't even know about the balloons, I was stuck in the house with baby Rex during all that. And on your previous post all I have to say is that is so Ben and I can see my dad doing the exact same thing with that sign, right down to the facial expression! SCARY!

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